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Nutrition on the Go: Stack It, Shake It and Go!


When I travel, I carry a water bottle and about a million (or, you know, like, five) little Ziploc bags full of my supplements, my protein powder and my healthy travel snacks. Sometimes the Ziploc bags tear by being tossed around in my bag, something leaks or they generally just begin to get kind of …
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Bottle Light, Bottle Bright: Cleanest Bottle I See Tonight


Do you have a water bottle that's hard to clean? Or a travel coffee mug that's beyond gross? Or a CamelBak hydration pack you used when hiking that could be studied by a 6th-grade science class for a lesson on bacteria growth? Um, yeah, me, too. Which is why when Clean Ethics emailed us about …
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5 Eco-Friendly Finds for Summer


Yep, it's summer! And here at FBG HQ, we've been trying more and more to make green, earth-friendly options whenever possible. So, here are just a few of the things that have caught our eye for that summertime healthy and eco-friendly fun! 5 Eco-Friendly Products for Summer 1. Sia Botanics …
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Now This is How to Stay Hydrated During a Workout…

stay hydrated

I drink a lot of water each day. And while my usual Nalgene fits the bill for staying hydrated, when I'm working out, driving or feeling particularly clumsy, it's hard to drink out of something with such a wide mouth without spilling water all over yourself. Tell me I'm not alone here. Lately, …
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