We’ve Got the G-Love With These Cute and Fun Weight-Lifting Gloves


Weight-lifting rocks. But many are intimidated to try it. And for those who do, calluses and poor grip can cause probs. And, let's face it, most weight-lifting gloves aren't exactly designed for the ladies. But these cute and fun weight-lifting G-Loves (Get it? Cuteness.) gloves that are made of …
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Review: Fit Four…Weight-Lifting!

These weight-lifting gloves do make you feel a little more bad-ass...

We are all about women lifting heavy weights. In fact, we wrote a whole post about how awesome and empowering it is---and how it's one of the best ways to change your body for the healthier (and stronger---growl!). But while lifting heavy weights can make you feel like a fit and confident She-Ra, it …
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Workout I Did: Supersets Are Super (Hard)

Eye on the Prize!
Credit by: ~ggvic~

Just a reminder that this is our new feature called Workout I Did. Read them all and feel the workout love here! Each month I meet with Nicole the trainer at my gym and we take my measurements and all that jazz to see how my workouts are coming along. This last time I plateaued, so my fiance …
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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Jenn vs. Olympic Lifting

Not me, but this is what Olympic lifting looks like! Credit: Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

Just like we did last year, each FBG is sharing what she loves and doesn’t love so much in this special “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” series as part of Love Yo’Self Week. Feel the love! Dear Olympic Lifting, I've toyed with you for years, but just recently, I've taken it up a notch with …
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I Like a Sore Butt and I Cannot Lie

Do this a few times with proper form, add weight and boom! Butt soreness. Credit: lululemon athletica

Today, I want to talk about the butt, ladies. The sore butt, to be precise. (And, no, I can never resist a good opportunity to reference Sir-Mix-A-Lot in a headline. I'm helpless against his shake-that-healthy-butt attitude.) See, after suffering from the most ironic of all ironic injuries back …
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Have Torn Calluses? Or Want to Prevent Them? RIPT Kit to the Rescue!


Before I started doing CrossFit-style workouts and heavier Olympic lifting, I had no idea just how beat up your hands could be. Or the pain they could cause. Like when you tear a callus that took you months to build up and then go to take a shower. Oh. My. God. The pain. I've literally mastered …
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My Most Embarrassing Fitness Moment: Tish vs. the Squat

Yet I still squat!

For this edition of Question of the Week, each FBG is recounting her most embarrassing moment when it comes to working out. Buckle up…these should be fun! Clumsy is my middle name. I trip on nothing at LEAST twice a week. In fact, I just tripped yesterday and went flying through the air like …
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Jane Fonda Collection: The Complete Workout & Stress Reduction Program

Jane Fonda is an icon. Besides winning an Oscar and a couple Golden Globes, this mega star is credited with starting the aerobics fitness craze in the 80s with her cleverly titled Jane Fonda's Workout Book and following workout VHS tape Jane Fonda's Workout. Her workout VHS is said, according to our …
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