Reclaim the Scale in 10 Minutes!

Happy Woman smiling on weighing scales at home asian

Have an unhealthy relationship with the scale? Dread stepping on it? Weigh yourself obsessively or let the flashing number on there determine your mood and self value for the day? Oh, girlie. It's time you ... And we're going to show you how to do just that in the first installment of our new …
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The #FBGAntiDiet Challenge: Break Up With the Scale (And Our BFF Winners!)


During BFF Week we challenged you guys to share photos of you and your best fit friend. The response was fantastic! Just look at these lovely ladies who we picked to win fit goodies! BestFitFriend (#BFF) @sciencecook --hiking, 5Ks & half marathons! #iWalk #SheRuns @FitBottomedGirl @mikingpd …
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The #FBGAntiDiet Challenge: You Are More Than the Number on the Scale


You are more than the number on the scale. We say that a lot here on FBG, but we say it so often because it's important. And while you probably just skimmed the statement before and thought, "Yeah, there is more to life than pounds," for today's #FBGAntiDiet meme (enter obligatory book plug …
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Why the Scale Can Do More Harm Than Good


Dieting sucks. Tying your self-worth to a number on the scale sucks. Deprivation sucks. Forcing yourself to do a workout you despise sucks. So, um, it's no wonder people seem to think that being "healthy" is boring or tortuous! That's why we're all about you finding and developing your own healthy …
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Review: Withings Smart Body Analyzer and Pulse


We're so into not being defined by the number on the scale, but knowledge is power. And knowledge like your resting heart rate, body fat percentage and the CO2 levels in your room is dang cool and totally helpful when it comes to tracking your health and fitness. Especially when that data is …
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Taking My Power Back From the Number on the Scale


Earlier this month, I wrote a piece for The Huffington Post about something near and dear to my heart --- the scale. Or, more accurately, the absence of the scale in my life. After a semi-disordered pre-FBG past with the scale, obsessive calorie-counting, yo-yo dieting and over-exercising, I know …
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Valuing Your Health Over Your Weight (and Facing Your Fears)


A few months ago, BlogHer approached me about speaking on a panel for its HealthMinder Day in Chicago about Weight vs. Health --- and how the two sometimes don't have a darn thing in common. Seeing that that topic is sooo my jam (you are more than the number on the scale!) I was pumped to join …
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A getFITkit to Track Your Progress and Reach Your Goals!


When you're getting fit and trying to lose weight, you want to be able to track your progress without going totally crazypants. You want to know how you're doing, what changes are going on with your body (sometimes it's hard to see it on ourselves so we need numbers to confirm it!) and how you're …
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