5 Affordable Workout Ideas You Can Do at Work


Think you don't have the time or the money to fit in a workout or be more active? Not so! For New Year New Rear Week, we've got five great workout ideas from TOPS Club that you can do at work! They'll not only help you cross "work out" off your to-do list, but they'll also give you a total energy …
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Work It With a Standing Desk


Remember back when we reviewed a treadmill desk? Well, if not, spoiler: I loved the idea. Getting more activity while you work is brilliant. However, investing in a treadmill and having possibly two desks to work from --- because, you probably don't want to walk on it all day every day --- is a bit, …
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8 Nano Workouts You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere


Do you often say you "don't have time" to work out as much as you'd like --- or at all? Well, if so, this post for You Can Do It Week is for you! Joakim Christoffersson, creator of the Nano Workouts fitness program and author of the newly released book Nano Workouts: Get in Shape and Lose Weight …
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Organized Chaos: A Tour of FBG Kristen’s Writing and Work Space

The couple that shares an office together ... generally has to share their conference call schedule.

For this round of Question of the Week, we are going super behind the scenes of FBG with a little tour (via photos or video) of each FBG's writing and work space. Large or small, in need of cleaning or not, it's—as they say on MTV Cribs—where the "magic" happens! So read and watch as we answer the …
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