Workout I Did

Take the 10-Minute Push-Up and Plank Challenge


Got 10 minutes? Then you can do this killer 10-minute push-up and plank challenge! I did a version of this at my gym The Fit Pit a few months back, and now it's my go-to upper-body and core workout when I can't get to the gym and don't have a lot of time, but want to do something. Or when I'm …
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Climbing the Mountain Without Ever Leaving the Gym

mountain workout-435kgs

In preparation for the PowHER Workout we're planning this weekend in Kansas City, I've been hitting the weight room with a strength trainer. Because, while I do a lot of different workouts throughout a typical week and always get some body-weight exercises in there, I rarely use actual weights …
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Yoga Tune Up: The Day I Heard A Lot of Really Funny Ball Puns

thumb nail yoga tune up

Not to pull an Oprah and sound super hippity dippity, but I truly believe the universe watches out for us. Whenever we're getting to a scary point of sheer breakdown, ugly hot mess-ness, the universe steps in and throws us bones. Have you ever noticed that? Emotional storms of crazy hit, and then …
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Workout I Did: Hiking Valencia Peak (aka the Most Gorgeous Place Ever)


Remember when I went to Paso Robles, Calif., and fell in love with the place? Well, Ryan and I loved it SO much that we went back recently for a getaway that was pretty much my own version of heaven. Fresh seafood, gorgeous views, amazing wine ... and a hike that took two things I love --- the ocean …
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Workout I Did: Long and Strong on the Spin Bike


I don't think the stationary bike gets enough respect outside of Spin class, and I don't understand why. Plenty of people who are just wild about cycling think they can only get that kind of a workout in an actual class with an instructor guiding them through the moves. And while I'll admit the …
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Workout I Did: The Art of Adding a Little More

woman lifting thumb

It's never fun for me when Mark, the training husband, gets creative. For this week's workout he's offered up a workout plan that involves lifting heavier each week. (I think Jenn's Light-Medium-Heavy post inspired the beast.) I can't lie: when he walked me through my first day I wanted to pop …
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Workout I Did: The Zombie Apocalypse Workout


Who else --- besides Tish and me --- is super pumped for the next installment of The Walking Dead to begin on Sunday? I've been looking forward to it since before my husband and I ravenously devoured the first seasons and caught up to the rest of America in the telling of the zombie apocalypse …
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Workout I Did: Light-Medium-Heavy


It's easy to get stuck in a rut with workouts, even without you realizing it! You go to do your usual moves and grab the same weight of dumbbells. You go to swing the kettlebells and you pick up your usual one. You decide to do some box jumps, and pick the same box height every time. You set off to …
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Workout I Did: Mixing It Up on the Elliptical

elliptical workout

Since long runs are out of my current picture, I've been seeking alternate ways of getting in a similar workout without knee pain. Because, well, as I build my running endurance back up, it's one thing to have to cut it short because of the actual injury --- it's another to have to call it because …
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