10-Minute Power Yoga Core Flow Workout


You mastered his beginner yoga workout. You fell in love with his intermediate power flow yoga workout. You were challenged by his advanced power yoga flow series. And --- bonus! bonus! --- today we have a fourth workout in our amazing series with THE MAN of Pilates and yoga on YouTube: Sean Vigue. …
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This Fun Workout Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again


Wish your workout felt more like play than exercise? This guest post is to the rescue! Andie is a busy mom and fitness enthusiast who --- in the midst of raising three adorable kiddos --- created the blog Maybe I Will to share her health and fitness tips, drool-worthy recipes and killer workouts …
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Full-Body Box Workout


We did this great workout at the Fit Pit a few weeks ago. And it was so great that I just had to share it! It doesn't really have a name, but because you do everything in a box, I figured "Box Workout" had a nice ring to it, eh? Simple enough, right? Don't let its simplicity fool you. This is …
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Workout I Did: Climbing Onboard the Orangetheory Train

orangetheory fitness

I'm definitely not the first FBG to hit up an Orangetheory Fitness class. Crystal did it way back when, and Jenn tried it out a year ago. And, of course, both of their descriptions of an ass-kicking HIIT workout that left them pouring sweat only made me really, really want to check it out for …
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6 Tips for a Kettlebell Workout (and One Workout to Try)


I've used kettlebells here and there, but never really felt super confident in incorporating them into my routine. So when my gym put on a free kettlebell workshop, I signed right up. I had to pass up my regular Saturday Zumba time to make it to the class, but I figured I'd benefit from knowing a …
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