Get Your Om on With These 5 New Yoga Goodies


Calling all yoga lovers! We have found five new yoga goodies that have us smitten. Whether you do yoga at home, on the go, in the studio, outdoors or, well, anywhere (there's one you don't even need to be doing yoga to rock), we think you'll love 'em! Say it with us now: OM! …
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A Detergent for Funk-Free Workout Clothes and a Clean Yoga Mat


The cleanliness posts just keep coming! (Seriously --- we're like obsessed lately.) But, if you've ever had to re-wash --- or even toss --- a workout top or a pair of shorts due to them smelling too funky for words, then you know just how important this topic is. Like Tish said in her recent Fit Tip …
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It’s a Two-for-One With the Aurorae Synergy Yoga Towel-Mat

It's a towel and a yoga one!

You know how it's always kind of a pain to maneuver around both your mat and your towel when you're in hot yoga? Like, you don't want to sweat all over your mat---so you need the towel---but everything just keeps shifting here and bunching there and instead of finding your om, all you can think of …
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Do Yoga on the Beach, Without Getting Sand in Your Face With This Sand-Barrier Rug

CGear, sandless mat, sand-free rug, blanket, yoga

Ever since I was a little girl, I've had this issue with dust, sand, dirt, PARTICLES getting on my hands and feet. I don't know if someone pushed me down in a pile of flour and then screamed at me, but I have serious phobias of my fingers and feet getting dirty. I know this is weird, but apparently …
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A De-Stinky Towel Every Fit Bottomed Dude Needs


For a girl, I sweat a lot. However, my sweat doesn't have anything on my husband's or the dudes I see at the gym running at the same speed as I am. They put my sweat (no glistening here) to shame. And that's where the SilverSport Silver Towel comes in. Super soft and absorbent enough to be featured …
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