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The Pools Have Opened: Summer Has Begun

It’s officially summer. Here’s proof: The FBGs have removed the bikinis from our closets and put our pasty selves on public display. While our respective neighbors are busy shielding their eyes from the reflection of our our fit, yet oh-so-white thighs, we are throwing caution to the wind and celebrating Memorial Day like any good American: frolicking in the pool, slathered in sunscreen, while waving an American flag and feasting on turkey hot dogs.
If you are doing something similar on this day of remembrance (and we hope that you are), here are a few of the various—and surprising—ways you can burn calories to balance out those tasty foods and beverages that you’ll enjoy, probably in excess, when throwing your own M-Day Grillathon. (All calorie counts are estimates based on a 145-pound women. FBGs are healthy, not runway models.)
The Skinny on Calories Burned
  • Cleaning your house/apartment/living quarters, light-moderate effort, before company arrives: 30 minutes, 82 calories
  • Playing with your hyper active dog so that when company arrives she’s nearly normal, not psycho: 30 minutes, 56 calories
  • Frantically cleaning your your house/apartment/living quarters after realizing that your party starts in 30 minutes and your house is still a mess: 30 minutes, 148 calories
  • Once family and friends arrive with children in tow, chasing after said children, protecting valuables, wiping faces, refereeing, making sure little Johnny doesn’t terrorize aforementioned dog too much: 60 minutes, 120 calories
  • Impromptu backyard croquet: 60 minutes, 82 calories
  • Celebrating America (aka waving a flag): 15 minutes, 50 calories
  • Swimming, leisurely, in bikini, showing off fit bottom: 30 minutes, 98 calories (after waiting two hours after eating, of course)
  • Impromptu water aerobics (after a beer, or two, or three): 15 minutes, 65 calories
  • After said exercise, passing out on the couch while the dog sneaks off the last two hot dogs: 45-minute nap, 45 calories

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! —Jenn

Photo grabbed from http://www.freefoto.com.

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