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A Green Workout

I’m honestly so tired of hearing the name of the color that stands for environmental friendliness that I’m not even going to use it in this post, save for the title. I may be sick of the G-word, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not practicing G-ness in my everyday life. I recycle (even down to my Netflix envelopes), buy swirly lightbulbs, and I would compost like Jenn if I had a house, I swear.

I try to have an awareness of my everyday impact on the planet. I also try to fit kiwi-colored workouts into my life whenever feasible. They typically happen when I’m busy, want to work out and have another errand or two to run as well. Plus, with gas prices being so high, literally running errands is becoming more appealing. An hour-long walk recently allowed me to swing by the post office and drop off a library book while getting in some cardio.

Just the other day, I ran to the bank to make a deposit. I felt so good—completing an errand, working out and saving the planet by not using my car. Plus, it only took about 10 minutes longer than driving. I did have to be super careful not to lose the debit card and signed check, seeing as how I don’t exactly own a fanny pack. And lucky for me, I only had to do an ATM deposit, as I’m not sure how much a bank teller would appreciate my sweaty self at the counter. In addition to saving some cash, walking to and from everyday errands is a great way to fit more activity into your life. Not everyone’s neighborhood is pedestrian friendly, but to rate yours, check out Walk Score. You can see how your neck of the woods scores on walker-friendliness—or if you’re planning to move, how potential neighborhoods fare.
My neighborhood happens to be a 68 out of 100, meaning that it’s in the upper range of “Some Walkable Locations.” My pharmacy is walkable, and I have a grocery store just down the street. And if I’m willing to walk a little over a mile and a quarter, I have tons of restaurants and shops within my reach. My gym, unfortunately, is almost 3 miles away. Hoofing it there would be the workout itself, and a 6-mile round trip is a lot for this Fit Bottomed Girl. —Erin


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  1. Crabby McSlacker says:

    I was sure my neighborhood (in Provincetown MA) would land a REALLY high score, since there’s a ton of stuff nearby and we walk almost everywhere and rarely take the car out. But it was only a 74! So while the idea of the ratings is great, I feel a little grouchy with the actual results.

    I want my neighborhood to be the best! (I’m such a little kid sometimes).

  2. every gym's nightmare says:

    im very glad you do not have a fanny pack. i’d still read, but i would make fun of you a lot.

    my motivation to walk/run instead of drive is a little more selfish- im just freakin’ cheap. if i can spare a drop of gas, ill do it. Im also vain, so i like to be tan.

    oh, and i like the environment. I guess.


  3. Cynthia says:

    LOVE this! I got a 66 out of 100 and was a big surprised. I too thought my neighborhood was a bit more walkable. I’m also a cheapie when it comes to gas and I own the most fuel efficient gas powered car in the country! Go figure. Here’s to walking!

  4. John says:

    But doesn’t all that running increase your oxygen intake and therefore also increase your CO2 footprint? 😉

  5. Mark Salinas says:

    Very good post!

  6. Metroknow says:

    Kiwi-colored…Ha! Very fun post as usual – I’m definitely going to have to check my town’s score…

  7. Angie says:

    Well, I got a 58 out of 100. I am lucky that I work out at home, but do train at a gym and have thought about riding my bike, but the 95 degree heat has changed my mind a bit!

  8. ~C~ says:

    boooo…my neighborhood ranks 8 out of 100.

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