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A New Nickelodeon, Kanye’s Cause and Fit Fast Food?

Ali hosts kids’ reality TV, Kayne West teams with Nike, and man loses weight on McDonald’s. (Say what?!)

The N Student Body
Laila Ali, professional boxer and general girl-power rockstar, is set to host The N’s Student Body, a teen weight-loss reality series, starting July 11. The show takes 12 teens from rival high schools in Illinois and pits them against each other in a get-fit challenge. The winning team takes home $25,000 to its respective school. Some are comparing the show to Kid Nation, but with Laila on board, it has to be cool. Plus, it’s made by the same people who filled our/my DVR(s) with The Office, Ugly Betty and The Biggest Loser.

Side note: I’m officially old. I know of Nickelodeon and Nick at Night—even watched them as a child—but The N? The N, from the looks of their website, is for teens and tweens. Not for me, obviously. However, the station airs Degrassi—as in a new version of Degrassi Junior High. I need to get with the program.

The N is real.

Kanye Faster, Stronger with Nike Race
Kanye has been known for bragging about his game from time to time. Turns out, now’s the time for him to help others with theirs. On the last day of August, 25 cities will participate in the world’s largest one-day running event: the Nike+Human race. West will be the lead performance after the event, giving LA’s 10K runners quite the celebration for their efforts.

Besides promoting worldwide fitness and providing some hella good concerts (Moby is playing in London and Fall Out Boy will be in Chicago), the runathon benefits three charities: LiveStrong, ninemillion.org and WWF (as in animals, not wrestling).

Just do it.

Going on a McDiet
This 40-year-old man ate Ronald McDonald’s fare for six months and lost weight, like 80 pounds of weight. And it worked, see?

Yes, but what did he eat, you’re asking, right? Well it wasn’t Big Macs. Mr. Chris Coleson ate the fast-food chain’s salads (with the occasional burger patty on top), grilled chicken sandwiches and wraps—no fries, no milkshakes. He dropped his caloric intake from 5,000 cals a day to 1,400. And he skipped breakfast. Yeowsers. But, he did start exercising. We’re glad “McFit,” as his license plate reads, is at a healthier weight now, but the Fit Bottomed Girls enjoy more variety in our meals. And a morning without breakfast is a sad, grumpy day.

Golden, skinny arches.

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