The ABC’s of Couple’s Fitness: Total Body Blast

After such success with The Biggest Loser workout, I roped my hubby into doing The ABC’s of Couple’s Fitness: Total Body Blast. I’m glad Bob Harper made him a workout DVD lover because this one didn’t exactly hit it out of the ballpark.

My first impression was that the makers of the video wanted to make porn but didn’t want the stigma associated with adult film. The settings were totally random: a grassy yard, a living room and a bed in a bedroom, complete with candles and mirrors. The moves were all done in 1-minute segments, jumping to a different couple and different set each time.

You use your partner for resistance for many of the moves during the 30-minute workout. Some moves are fine, like grapevines while facing each, high-fiving when you pass by each other. Other moves feel like “something between foreplay and a workout,” according to my picky partner, whom I thought was going to permanently damage his eyeballs because he was rolling them so much. Some moves allow you to “spot” your partner totally unnecessarily, encouraging friskiness to ensue.

One move can only be described as a “spooning squat.” Other moves are downright uncomfortable, like when you’re doing a push-up with your hands placed on your partner’s chest, or when you’re in a plank position while your partner is on his back holding your legs in the air by the ankles. You’re encouraged at one point to whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears, but we were laughing way too hard to feel very romantic.

The video jumps so quickly from one move to the next that you don’t even have time to properly set up. I had to pause the DVD a million times to figure out what we were supposed to be doing next. And while some of the moves do give a good burn—like shoulder presses with your partner pushing down for resistance and some of the ab work—the workout was too lopsided. Because of height differences, I felt like the moves didn’t always workas intended. And because of strength differences, some moves were much harder for me and much too easy for him.

FBG Rating (Out of 5):
Instruction: ★
Long-Term Likeability: ★
Music: ★
Fun Factor: ★★
Meets Expectations: ★★
Overall: ★

The male perspective: “If I’m going to invest 30 minutes, I’d like to get a workout in or have sex. Not waste time not doing either.”

Fit Bottom line: While good for a laugh, there are more effective ways of getting the same body parts worked on your own. With too little time between moves and awkward positioning, it didn’t work for us.—Erin

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  1. So so funny. Even if it was a crappy workout DVD, at least it was entertaining for those of us reading about it! 🙂

  2. Very funny (and honest) review. I think your husband is right – plus, according to those salacious scientific studies you’ll probably get a better cardio workout in the bedroom anyway!

  3. HA! At least you gave us a laugh. And a good idea: I need to incorporate more high-fiving into my workouts.

  4. Oh my gawd!! I’d probably get it just for the laugh factor LMAO! Sounds like a trip!

    Thanks for stopping by too 😉

  5. Tooo funny!! lol I gotta say, I love the male perspective on these reviews. They’re always so straight to the point!

  6. OMG! The male perspective just made me choke on my lunch. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read or heard all day!! Thanks. 🙂


  7. The Fit Bottomed Boy minces no words when it comes to his opinion!

    And tfh: High five to that!

  8. OMG..that it freaking hilarious! I can just imagine me trying to do that with my hubby! We would either be laughing so hard or he would have walked away within 5 minutes!

  9. omg, this sounds hilarious!

    and your hubby’s comment is too, too funny!

    thanks for giving me a good laugh today!

  10. “I roped my hubby into doing…”

    I was worried when I read this since this combination of words followed by almost anything never seems to work out well.

  11. Angie: I had to pull out my sexiest lunges to keep him in the game…it was not easy!

    Anon: Single point for sure! 🙂

  12. Loved this review!! The “male perspective” at the end summed it up beautifully. Push-ups off someone’s chest? Isn’t that called CPR??

  13. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing your experience! It sounds hilarious, and your husband’s response is a gem 🙂 I agree!