ShoutOut: Favorite Ab Exercise

After a recent ab-centered workout that included most of the tried and true staples of stomach exercise, I tried to pick my favorite move. The plank is a good kind of painful. The stability ball is too much fun to feel like work. But the basic crunch never fails me, and it’s always my go-to move when working my abs sans video. I’m boring, help me out.Erin

  • The basic crunch. Crunchy, yet effective.
  • Anything on the stability ball. Feels like I’m a kid again.
  • Gym equipment, such as the Roman chair. I love new-fangled torture devices!
  • The plank. I’ll hold it forever, punks.
  • Bah! You forgot the [insert answer in comments]!

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  1. Metroknow says:

    I’ve recently discovered that I am much more inclined to do crunches by sitting on the edge of the bed and hanging my legs out over the edge, as opposed to crunches on the floor. For some bizarre reason I enjoy them. I’ve been shooting for 100 a day, and moving up from there.

  2. WeightingGame says:

    I love the ball…why am I so out of the loop that I don’t know what a Roman chair is?

  3. groundedfitness says:

    my favorite is woodchoppers with a cable machine. works the obliques and makes me feel like throwing up- the sign of a truely good ab workout


  4. Live Well says:

    Yep, I go for the planks every time. There are quite a few additional moves to the common plank. Can’t get enough of ’em!

  5. MizFit says:

    Um, none?

    is none an answer?

  6. Strong One says:

    I scarily love them all. LOL
    I found a new one that I forgot about that is my new love.
    Do you remember the uni-wheel? It’s a contraption that consists of a wheel with handles on either side. You roll this thing to and from your body on your knees.
    It was something my dad had that I used as a kid.
    I also have my blog post ‘Your Core Curriculum’… tons of other exercises. 🙂

  7. nolafwug says:

    I really dig the Pilates move the Criss-Cross