Workout Downloads, Run for Life, and Fit Feet

Workouts to go, running for youth and warnings for flip-flops.

Turn on your computer and plug in your iPod. ExerciseTV has three new workout series available for download on iTunes. The three workouts Everyday Yoga & Pilates, Slim Down Secrets, and Ultimate Sculpt and Tone cost $1.99 each with a run time of about 20 minutes. Check out the 30-second preview free of charge.


These videos could be a great option for working out on the road. Your own personal trainer, on the cheap.

Trainer on the go.

Beating the Clock
Looks like I need to pull out the running shoes and embrace my least favorite cardio of all time. A study from Stanford University School of Medicine shows that regular running slows the effects of aging.


After tracking 500 runners for more than 20 years, researchers found that elderly runners have fewer disabilities, a longer span of active life and are half as likely as aging non-runners to die early deaths. Ok, maybe I’ll start running. But I don’t have to like it.

Pick up the pace.

Step Kindly
As I was dealing with the repercussions of wearing flip-flops, and wondering about the benefits and drawbacks of the FitFlop,New York podiatrists were busy toeing around the same issues. The foot doctors urge consumers to realize that shoes touting fitness benefits force the foot to actually function differently, and if not used correctly, can cause more harm than good.

Among several others, the foot docs checked out the claims of the FitFlop and weighed in. One doctor says there are some benefits to wearing FitFlops, one being that the thick sole offers increased shock absorption over the standard flop. However, feet work harder with all flip-flops just to keep them on, increasing the occurrence of tendonitis and other injuries. I think I’ll stick with my supportive tennis shoes for now.

Podiatric prevention.

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  1. tfh says:

    Thanks for the link to the running study! I find it very reassuring that runners didn’t have greater knee problems in old age than non-runners…

    However much I love running however, I’m guessing that most other cardio has the same benefits :).

  2. Mark Salinas says:

    All kinds of great stuff! I believe in the running….no doubt! 🙂

  3. The Dieting Ninja says:

    Very interesting, especially the bit about the fitflops. I didn’t realize that the foot working harder to keep the shoe on was such a problem.

    *looks at her work shoes and blanches*

    I suppose that explains the plantar faschiitis I had before I started working out.

  4. Marcy says:

    I just hope that my husband’s life insurance money doesn’t run out on me with all these extra years 😛

  5. Gina says:

    wow thanks for giving me even more reasons to run! that’s awesome!
    i still kinda want some fitflops….
    hope you have a great day!

  6. Live Well says:

    Shoot! I hate running!! But I really want to live for a long time. “Dayyyng it!” (said like Kip from N.D. as he backs over the tupperware)


  7. deb says:

    I wonder if it has to be running, or if it's simply good cardio exercise over time. Twenty years ago most people considered running the only cardio worth doing… so the only thing to track.

    Think I'll stick to my interval training, and cardio-resistance training… I hate running.