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Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue has been on the music scene since the days of The Loco-Motion in 1988. She didn’t really land back on my radar until Can’t Get You Out of My Head made its debut in 2001, and I, well, couldn’t get it out of my head. She’s got a fit bum that makes her fans crazy, and she’s a certifiable badass for battling breast cancer and coming out the winner. Although her 2007 album X isn’t new, it’s got some tunes that are worth a listen.

The Track List: X
1. 2 Hearts—This catchy tune is a little slow, so it might not make your go-to pump-you-up song list, but it’d be great for a warm-up. You’ll want to refrain from woo-ing along with the song if you’re on the treadmill at the gym, as Kylie’s “woos” are infectious. For some this might be embarrassing. But then again, maybe you want people thinking you’re strange. It does help keep the men away.

2. Like A Drug—Another dance song with a good beat, I liked this one more the more I listened to it. It also sounded vaguely familiar in a good way. The lyrical repeats and breathing are fun, and I’m all about the cute rhyming. And I really love any song that talks about getting on the dance floor. (See also Britney’s Freakshow.)

3. In My Arms—Not my favorite of the bunch, which is ironic because one of the lyrics talks about the DJ playing a favorite song. It’s got such big sounds that I thought I’d really love it. I do really like the chorus though, and clapping always adds points in my book, if you want the honest truth.

4. Speakerphone—I hate to reference Brit again on a Kylie review, but this one also had a Blackout vibe. Besides a good beat, Kylie lists body parts, much as Brit’s Heaven on Earth did, so you get an anatomy lesson as well. It’s also got that electronic-voice vibe, which can be fun to jam to. The line “set your mind on freaky mode” made me laugh which can be welcome during a hard interval.

5. Sensitized—This one’s got more of a pop feel to it than the others that feel very dance-centric. The chorus is quite catchy, and it’s upbeat and fun. It’ll get you pumped up on the elliptical or while hitting the weights.

6. Heart Beat Rock—This one is funny and familiar sounding. It’s got some good beats and reminds me of either a Gwen or Fergie song. Either way, it’s fun and unique, and will get you pumping those arms on a long walk.

7. The One—Despite the begging nature of the “love me, love me, love me” lyrics, this feels like one of the more mature tracks on the album. It’s got that great dance beat, but it’s also just a pretty and sweet song.

8. No More Rain—I didn’t dislike this one, but it doesn’t stand out on the album either. I just didn’t really feel like it did anything for me.

9. All I See—This one also talks about getting on the dance floor, but even that didn’t make it land on my faves list. Lyrics include “Boy you rock me up” but it definitely sounds like, as one lyrics site miswrote, “Boy you knock me up.”

10. Stars—Good beat, but missed that “it” factor for me. However, I do have a friend that says he could listen to it every day and not tire of it, so it’s definitely star-material to some.

11. Wow—After several similar-sounding songs, this one was refreshing and different. Good rebound, Ms. Minogue! It’s got a fun piano intro and an upbeat vibe at first. The namesake “wow, wow, wow, wows” are unique sounding, and overall this was a fun song.

12. Nu-di-ty—Shocker from the title, I know, but this song is a sexy one. One of my favorites on the album. Call me crazy, but it’s also got a bit of a musical vibe to it. Maybe the big sliding trombone at one point? Nu-nu-di-di-di-di-ty.

13. Cosmic—A slow, pretty song. The definite slowdown song on the album, perfect for a cool down after a good run.

If you’re not that familiar with Kylie, but want a solid pop CD, check it out. A quick Wiki search (thanks, Jenn!) turned up the fact that both Britney’s Blackout and X have two of the same producers, which is why I kept having that familiar happy feeling. Every tune on the album may not stick in your head for days at a time like The Loco-Motion, but it gets better with each listen and you’ll find a tune or two to add to your iPod. It’s got a very fun vibe and I consistently bob my head when this CD’s in the mix. —Erin

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  1. Marcy says:

    Ooohhh thanks! I like me some Kylie every once and awhile 😉

  2. tfh says:

    I’ll check it out! Right now the only Kylie on my Ipod is a creepy duet with Nick Cave, and I’m not quite sure what kind of workout that’s good for.

  3. Danica says:

    Love rhianna and kylie! Both great jams to work out too!

  4. Erica says:

    She provides great workout music! And I also think shes pretty kick a** for making it through breast cancer!

  5. My hero, Kylie Minogue. She is very kind of doing favors for cancer charity and also understands the need of cancer patients as she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. She is a strong woman.

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