What’s Your Food Philosophy?

This week’s FitLit on the book Mindless Eating serves as a reminder about how outside influences can affect the amount of food you eat and even how delicious you think food tastes. If I learned anything from the book, it’s that no one is immune to these forces. In one study, even people who were taught extensively about a food trap—in this instance, how you take more food from larger dishes—still fell for it a couple of weeks later.I still believe that knowledge is power, though, and that knowing some of the psychology behind eating could help avoid some slips along the food journey. How do you approach eating? —Erin

  • Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you may exercise.
  • I try to be good, but my vice is usually oh-so-tempting.
  • Moderation is the key. Cake today, salad tomorrow!
  • My strict diet yields the best results. My body is a temple.


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  1. moses says:

    Hmm… i don’t really strict on my diet. I just eat whenever i want to eat. But i do some exercise three to four times a week

  2. Andrea says:

    For 10 years, I pretty much treated my body as a temple, but let myself indulge once in a while. Then my baby girl got diagnosed with severe food allergies (egg and corn) and the doctors recommended I continue to breast feed because it would increase the chances of her growing out of the allergies.

    Being on SUCH a strict diet (corn and egg are in just about everything!), which also meant I had to throw out nearly every recipe I owned, resulted in me going absolutely nutso once I stopped breast feeding.

    I try to eat in moderation, but after literally starving myself, my will power is GONE. 3 months later, I’m up 5 pounds, 8% body fat (gah!) and not fitting in my clothes.

    Anyway, I’m really trying to get back to treating my body well. I stumbled across this blog while looking for information for MY new blog – check it out if you get a chanc! http://sexycomeback.wordpress.com.