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♪ FitHits: Best of 2008

2008SongsAs the year winds down, it’s only fitting that we look back at the glorious year of 2008, so I’ve compiled a fun 2008 workout playlist. If you’ve been living under any rocks or haven’t turned on a radio on in the past year, these are the songs you’re guaranteed to have missed. And yes, I know, I probably missed your very favorite, but cut us a little slack—unless you want to work out for like 5 hours straight. This workout is just more than 41 minutes and can accompany any cardio workout.

(4:03) I’m Yours, Jason Mraz: A sweet, lighthearted song with a beachy feel that makes me happy each time I hear it. Take advantage of the slower tempo and start slow to warm up the bod.

Hitting the Intervals
(4:01) Viva la Vida, Coldplay: Pick up your pace to switch from a mild warm-up to a more moderate effort. Keep it up the whole song, and you too will rule the world.

(3:00) I Kissed a Girl, Katy Perry: I kinda hate this song, but I do admit it’s catchy and is a great workout song. Kick it up a notch during each chorus to get in several good intervals.

(3:23) Paper Planes, M.I.A: Nothing like gunshots in a song to keep you speeding along during your cardio. Also a good song for a strength workout.

(3:44) Womanizer, Britney Spears: We’ve reviewed Britney twice this year, so of course we’re not leaving her off the year-end list. The quick pace and sass of this track are guaranteed to increase your pace.

(4:04) 4 Minutes, Madonna (featuring Justin Timberlake): Nothing like this pair to get you back into a high-speed interval. Are you ready to go? No hesitating here: Speed it up during the chorus to save the world.

(3:22) Pocketful of Sunshine, Natasha Bedingfield: Keep your intervals going here. As the chorus speeds up, increase your intensity.

(4:22) Bleeding Love, Leona Lewis: While technically a 2007 release, this song was everywhere in 2008. A steady paced song, slow it back down to a moderate intensity to match it.

(3:58) Disturbia, Rihanna: Throw in a couple of 30-second sprints followed by minute-long recoveries, slowing back down to a moderate pace by the end of the song.

(3:13) Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), Beyoncé:Let this crazy-catchy tune carry you through the end of the hard part. Check out the video if you want to be jealous of her dance skills.

Cool down
(4:07) No One, Alicia Keys: Another 2007 hit, but she won a 2008 Grammy for it, and I love this one. Slow your pace down until you’re at a slow walk to recover. Everything’s gonna be alright!

Interested in downloading some or all of the playlist? Check it out on iTunes! What was your favorite workout tune of 2008? —Erin


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