What Was Your Fave FBG Post of 2008?

Last Sunday, we gave you the nitty gritty on the most-read and most-commented on posts of 2008. Although not in the official running, my personal fave was Erin’s Love Affair with Her Shorts or the review of The Complete Idiot’s Guide: Sexual Health and Fitness. What about you? —Jenn

  • FitBits: Basic Training, Gym Class and Splenda Studies
  • FitEquip: Oh Behave, You Lil’ Minx
  • FitHits: Pussycat Dolls: Doll Domination
  • FitLit: Oxygen vs. Women’s Health
  • FitStars: An Interview with Biggest Loser Ali Vincent
  • From the FBGs: The Curse of Fast-Food Karma
  • Nosh: Zapped Peanut Butter
  • Posh: Nike Sister One
  • Under Review: Turbo Jammin’
  • Retro Review: Jane Fonda Collection: The Complete Workout & Stress Reduction Program
  • Other: Like you, I have my own fave. I’ll comment on the site!

Still feeling opinionated? Tell us how often you have dessert or if you consider shopping to be cardio?

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