Fitness Montage with Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres never fails to make us laugh, whether she’s talking about making fish in a dishwasher or using a hula chair to develop her abdominal strength. This time around she’s got a great round-up of the best fitness videos on the web. Just try to keep a straight face during her take on the “facial breathing exercise.” Or the Pilates video for that matter. —Erin

Can’t see the video? Click here!

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  1. Erica says:

    hahahhaha I love Ellen. That lady with the breathing exercises is way scary (and way 80’s 😉

  2. R says:

    HAHa. Ellen always cracks me up! Thanks for sharing that!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Margaret says:

    Thats so funny, and the reason I stick with mat pilates.

  4. The Horstead Family says:

    OMG! Too funny. I laughed out loud, even though I was in my office. Then I looked around to see if anyone gave me a peculiar look. Didn’t the “breathing” exercise remind you of Great Aunt Madge, who smoked like a chimney, when she was getting up in the morning? I was waiting for her to break into a smoker’s hack.

  5. tfh says:

    I love things that become funnier the MORE you watch them, like that pilates clip…

  6. HangryPants says:

    hahahaha! That is too much.

  7. David at Animal-Kingdom-Workouts.com says:

    These video’s are great. Thanks for the Friday laugh. The breathing woman was a little scary though. I’m going to try and forget her as soon as possible.

    – Dave

  8. Elizabeth says:

    this totally made my day!!!

  9. KH9107 says:

    That was great! I love Ellen- I really have to start DVR’ing her show.