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Foods That Make You Go Oooh

romance-foods-585In just a few short days, Valentine’s Day will descend. For those of you who love Valentine’s Day, break out the conversation hearts. For those of you who don’t, it’s time to take cover. I’m generally not a huge V-Day fan, as it’s a little too cheese-ball for me (and I want my romance every day, goshdarnit), but I have been known to give a valentine or two (even to friends) and I have eaten my fair of chocolate on February 14th.

Over the years, I’ve also been strangely fascinated with foods with special “proprieties.” As in looove proprieties. Yes, folks, I’m talking about aphrodisiacs. Part of this fascination may be due to how fun it is to say “aphrodisiacs,” but generally, when it comes to foods and how they can affect the body, I’m a nerd. Therefore, with Cupid’s Day looming, I have put together a definitive* list of 10 foods to put you in a lovin’ mood. Or at least attempt to make you a little freaky-deaky.

Foods That Make You Go Oooh
1. Honey—This so-called “nectar of Aphrodite” is said to increase energy levels, which ultimately leads to a better time in the sack. They don’t call it a honeymoon for nothing.

2. Radish—I would have never guessed this one, but Egyptian pharaohs believed that radishes’ spicy flavor stimulated the palate for all things. Sounds weird, but they built the pyramids, so it’s kinda hard to knock ’em.

3. Ginger—No matter which way you eat it—pickled, candied or raw—this root is said to increase energy “down there.” Blush.

4. Truffles—This edible and highly sought-after fungi (sorry, not the chocolate kind—that’s later on the list) has a long history of love. According to ancient lore, a lover once gorged himself to death on Alba truffles during the wedding feast to “sustain his masculinity.” As we always say, all good things in moderation. Even truffles.

5. Figs—Next time you slice open a raw fig, check out its appearance. Then you’ll see why it made the list. It also is high in energy-rich iron. Gives Fig Newtons a whole new meaning, eh?

6. Chili Peppers—If you want to feel hot, hot, hot, pop one of these spicy peppers. The heat in them is said to release endorphins, which is the primary pleasure enzyme. Thaitake-out, anyone?

7. Chocolate—Dark chocolate raises serotonin levels and gives you extra oomph with a small dose of caffeine. Yet another reason to eat chocolate—yippee!

8. Champagne—Don’t forget the bubbly! Champagne is, in fact, the official drink of love and a few sips are known to “warm the body” and lower inhibitions. Just remember, like the truffles, all good things in moderation.

9. Almonds—High in protein, these little nuts of goodness are said to help sustain stamina after hours (or before hours if you’re a morning person). In addition, almonds’ blossoms are an international sign of fertility. Love is in bloom.

10. Oysters—No way we could leave this off the list! Oysters are the aphrodisiac. Because some oysters repeatedly change their sex from male to female and back, some claim that the oyster lets one experience the the masculine and feminine sides of love. It doesn’t get much more loving than that, now does it?

What about you? Do you believe that aphrodisiacs exist? Have you tried any yourself? Tell us in the comments below, but please keep it PG, or at least PG-13. Save the R for your own boudoir. —Jenn

*Okay, it’s not definitive or proved at all, but it sure is fun!

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Photo grabbed from Cláudia*~Assad on Flickr. 

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