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Falling Off…and Getting Back On

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My name is Erin, I’m a Fit Bottomed Girl, and I’ve officially fallen off the workout wagon.

While Jenn and I are usually eerily similar, as I sit and write this post, I feel like we couldn’t be more different. Jenn has been busy running like a fiend to prepare for her half marathon, and I know she will kick so much butt it’s not even funny. She’s been so dedicated and a true inspiration, and because of her, I’ve even found myself thinking crazy things like, “Wow, maybe I could do that, too! Or…at least a 5K!”

I’m super proud of my bestest blogging buddy for her dedication to her runs, both long and short, and her focus and drive while she’s attempted this feat. Her energy output of late is even more noticeable to me (even half a country away) because for the past two weeks while Jenn’s been training, I’ve done nothing. Almost, absolutely, nothing.

Before my recent drought, I was my typical FBG self. I’d done Mel B’s workout and was super sore in the bum just in time to go to Lake Tahoe skiing for the weekend. The ski trip was great. Even though I would have loved more than a day skiing, I take any time on the mountains I can get. Like some get a runner’s high, I absolutely get a skiier’s high.

My husband introduced me to the sport about a year into our relationship several years ago. It was an almost make-or-break type of deal: I knew I had to love skiing or risk a fate of being dragged along on ski trips just to sit in a hotel room. Luckily, I loved it. Even after experiencing some of those wonderfully hard falls where you feel like you’re a cartoon character careening down a hill, I love to ski. I love doing something that is a challenge, that has me feeling absolutely exhausted and sore at the end of the day. I love the cold, and I love seeing a hill that scares me and figuring out a way down it.

So how did I go from a ski-and-snow-filled weekend to nothing? Life’s little stresses got in the way. Well, actually, it’s more like life’s bigger stresses got in the way. Finally done with academics, my hubby was extremely fortunate in this stellar economy to recently get two job offers. A good problem to have, right? Only it was quite possibly the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make—choosing between two jobs, two locations, and really, two different lives . After a trip to the East Coast, an extension of the trip, hours of dead-end circle-shaped discussions, lists of pros and cons, and asking for signs from God, we finally made a decision. We then had one day to prepare for an out-of-town guest (who caused no stress, thankfully), and then I came down with a cold because of the stress and traveling.

And whereas one part of my brain wants to scold me, the gentler, smarter part of my brain is not allowing any negativity after the last two weeks I’ve had. I just know I’ve not felt up to it—mentally or physically. While I’ve gotten a ton of walking in, showing off the sights and sounds of Northern California to our visitor, I’ve really missed my workouts. Now the guest is gone, the traveling is done, the coast-to-coast decision is made, and my cold finally said good-bye. I’m ready to get back to life. And for me, life includes my workouts. —Erin

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Weeks 2 & 3: See above.

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