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Suspect Supplements, Cutting Cancer, and Stair Steppin’

Weight-loss drugs under fire, calcium takes on cancer, and runners take it to the stairs.

Risky Business
Just because a weight-loss drug says it’s “all-natural,” doesn’t mean it’s safe. That’s the message that the FDA is trying to get out to consumers. In fact, 69 (giggle) herbal weight-loss remedies are cited for being tainted with prescription drugs, laxatives, diuretics and anti-seizure medications. Yeowsers.

Although thankfully no deaths have been attributed to the supplements, the FDA is concerned that those already on prescription drugs could have negative interactions with these over-the-counter herbal remedies. And just as a reminder, all supplements—weight loss or not—are not regulated by the government for safety. So, buyer beware.

It’s a jungle out there.

Beyond Strengthening Bones
Milk drinkers rejoice: Diets high in calcium may help keep cancer away. Researchers studied nearly half a million older Americans and found that foods that were high in calcium were more beneficial than supplements.

Not a milk drinker? Don’t forget that most soy products are fortified with calcium, as are many fruit juices. In addition, good-for-you greens like broccoli, spinach and Swiss chard are high in calcium, as are many nuts.

Eat it up!

Uphill Battle
Ever thought to yourself, “Gosh, I love to run but sometimes it’s just not challenging enough? (Hey, me neither, but keep reading…) Well, here’s the answer for you: tower running. Think you, hundreds of stairs and a ridiculous amount of sweat.

That’s right, some people are trading in the stair-climber and treadmill at the gym for the stairwell. And now there are even stair-climbing events to compete in, from climbing the Empire State Building to summiting the Las Vegas Stratosphere. Masochists I say. But, hey, at least they get a good view once they get to the top.

Going up?

Have you or would you ever try tower running? Do you eat enough calcium-rich foods? Are you wary of herbal supplements? Let us know below. —Jenn


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