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Calorie-Burning Fat, Headache Help, and Dangerous Detoxes

The elusive brown fat, how exercise affects migraines and the lowdown on detoxing.

Brown Fat
Ever heard of brown fat? It sounds gross, but it’s about to become your new best friend. Brown fat is a special form of fat that really is brown and really does burn calories. The special fat is said to help us stay warm because it helps us shiver and uses mundo calories to produce body heat.

Previously, researchers believed that brown fat was just in kids and babies, but new research shows that the brown stuff is in adults, too. In those studied, thinner people appeared to have more brown fat than heavier people, younger people had more than older people, and, surprisingly, women had more than men. Finally, women have an advantage in the weight-loss battle of the sexes!

The upside to being cold.

Exercise: Migraine Reducer or Trigger?
Many migraine sufferers cite workouts as a trigger for head pain, but they shouldn’t throw in the workout towel yet. New research shows that a regular aerobic exercise program, such as indoor cycling, can improve maximal oxygen uptake without making migraines worse.

In fact, by the end of the study, participants reduced their number of migraine attacks, the number of days with a migraine per month, headache intensity and the amount of headache medication used. Everyone wins!

Talk about a no brainer.

Detoxes Debunked
It seems like detoxes come in spurts. You don’t hear anything about them for years, and then all of a sudden everyone at work is doing the Master Cleanse. I’ve always been skeptical of detoxes for a number of reasons. First, they’re not a long-term health solution. Second, you generally aren’t allowed to eat substantial food while on them. Third, I like food.

According to one expert, most detoxes are more hype than help, but, she concedes, short ones can help people jump start healthy behaviors.

I think that’s a good compromise.


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