Attire Aptitude

Last fall, I got schooled in the importance of wearing proper attire for the activity. And I admit that I’ve been much better about trading in the old shoes for new and swapping out my running shoes for training shoes when I’m doing aerobics or strength training. But I’m far from an angel at pairing attire to the activity. Ask Jenn—I recently admitted an embarrassing truth about maybe following, to an extreme, her lazy lead in her scrubby workout attire. (For the curious, I was definitely clothed, but not enough to go out in public. I was saving on laundry costs.)

So while I’m definitely on the path to recovery with this problem, I, of course, slip up. Like three times in three days. And back to rehab I go.

Mistake one: Wearing running shoes while walking. I just recently started wearing my cute pair of Nike Livestrong running shoes. They feel great to run in, and I really love the perky yellow accents. But while they’re awesome for running, they aren’t built for walking. I went against their very nature and went for a long walk the other day and ended up with mad blisters on my heels. I’m hugely blister prone anyway, so I should have known better. Plus, I don’t think my sock choice helped. It was bad business all around. Now I need to invest in some proper walking shoes. My next mission is to see if walking shoes come in “cool.”

Mistake two: I wore my workout gear all day long to make sure I got my workout in (even FBGs need urging now and then). But since I didn’t want to wear a sports bra all day, I went regular style. And then I forgot about it and went running anyway. Have you ever gone running in your everyday bra? I’m no Pamela Anderson so I didn’t have a lot of problems, but it felt SO WEIRD. I felt like I was a Real Housewife trying to be buxom on my run. I somehow had an awesome run though, so maybe the undergarment gave me a boost I desperately needed.

Mistake three: Unlike my other two minor fouls, this one could have been disastrous. My hubby and I decided to escape the unexpected heat wave the other day and head to the beach where it’s always guaranteed to be at least 20 degrees cooler than our apartment. We opted to explore a new beach instead of our regular spot, and it entailed some serious and unexpected craggy rock climbing. With a chair. And a purse. And a magazine in hand. And my feet clad in flip-flops. We inched our way down a steep, rocky “path,” and I’m still not sure how I didn’t break an ankle. My husband even had a really hard time in his tennis shoes—and no reading materials in hand. Luckily, we went back up a much easier way (see picture at right), but it was still treacherous. How did I not learn from Jenn’s hiking footwear lesson? So if you didn’t learn it then, learn it now: Always wear proper attire. Your blister-free heels, chafe-free bust and break-free ankles will thank you! —Erin

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Self Challenge Update

The Challenge has successfully broken me back into running, and for that I am thankful. I’m now hitting the pavement at least twice a week, which is about twice a week more than I did pre-Challenge. A long walk gave me blisters as I mentioned above, but it’s a small price to pay for some cardio, right? The pug and I are also working on her shedding a couple of pounds, so short walks during the day are also adding to my overall weekly mileage.

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  1. Lori says:

    Good post with a great reminder! Oh man, I can’t do the running in the regular bra, no way no how!

    Hope your puggy has weight loss success! I missed that post and she is just the cutest thing. My pug is being fostered by my in-laws while we are abroad and I get to see her tomorrow! I can’t wait!

  2. tfh says:

    I could join you in rehab. I’ve gotten the blisters, run in my regular bra, flip flopped in the most inappropriate places. Great post!

  3. kjl says:

    So interesting–I have always walked in running shoes, just because I think they’re way more comfortable, and I’ve never had a problem. I’ve walked three 60 mile Breast Cancer 3-Days in various running shoes and stayed blister free. I guess that’s a good reminder that every foot is different! 🙂

  4. Jody - Fit at 51 says:

    The right shoes are so important!! I think a lot of people make the wrong assumption that just putting on any pair of sneakers/tennis shoes is fine to go out & start exercising in. You may end up with more probs & that could deter you from keeping up the exercise program. Wearing good wicking socks helps too!

  5. Laura says:

    Great post! Good reminder too. I also learned the hard way. I bought some shoes that I thought were going to be great running shoes and they ended up not. They are more training shoes. I ended up getting hurt and being out of commission for over month.

  6. Running Shoes Guru says:

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    Everybody loves a fit bottomed girl 🙂 it’s a genius blog name!

  7. Moonlight Dancer says:

    I’m blister prone as well. I use Body Glide http://www.bodyglide.com/ it’s like a deodorant stick you can rub on your feet. I don’t get them now.

  8. Sue says:

    I guess you could say that I am a rehab candidate as well, though I am quite happy with my unpedantic approach to workout cloths…

  9. Sue says:

    I suppose you could say that I need rehab, but I am more for multi tasking clothes and shoes. I don’t run, so I use general sneakers to workout with, and its fine. I am also a flipflop holic, and when they get in my way I just kick them off…