Clean It Up

Working out has so many awesome side effects: big muscles, a strong heart, more energy. Unfortunately,there are other little-discussed side effects: sweat and stench. Sweat is, of course, a natural side effect—proof that you’ve worked hard. Those salty little drops are the proof in the workout pudding. But after a good exercise session, not only does your body become a sweaty, stinky mess, but your clothing does, too. Luckily, people smarter than me are out there every day battling nature and science and finding cures for the smells that come with the hard work.

This liquid soap is specially formulated to combat all of the potential terrible icky-ness a gym can harbor: germs, bacteria and fungus. With all of the people using various machines in the gym, it’s easy to see how the germs can spread, and GymSoap will go to bat for you to knock them out. The liquid soap eliminates 99.9 percent of the bad stuff, including creepy crawlies like the flu virus (has flu been in the news recently?), athlete’s foot, MRSA bacteria and ringworm. Plus, the soap is very gender-neutral—my husband even tried it at home and gave it his seal of approval. I used it as a body wash as well as a face wash. It didn’t dry my skin out, and it left me feeling fresh. It smells natural, with tea tree oil and extracts of chamomile and elderflower. To me it had a slight medicinal smell, but that’s the price you pay for a bad-ass germ-killing soap.

WIN Detergent
When Jenn recently visited me, we hit three tough exercise classes, one of which was hot, sweaty yoga. This guaranteed six sweaty workout outfits on which to test WIN Detergent. I was admittedly skeptical about the product just because I’d never had any noticeable problems with my regular detergent. WIN definitely came out of the battle as the victor, though, as the clothes smelled fresh as a daisy post-wash. And trust me, Jenn and I tried really hard to find even a whiff of stench.WIN works in very scientific ways that I won’t go into, but basically it uses hydrogen peroxide to kill odor-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi, while being gentle on sport-specific, high-tech wicking fabrics. A WIN win!

So go forth and work out, but don’t let your bacteria multiply. Now you have no excuse to stink! —Erin

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