There Are Some Common Themes Here…

Erin and I are not known for our science or math skills (we prefer words to the numbers of the world), but we decided to challenge our left sides of the brain for once by tabulating the number of times we mentioned something over the course of the last 365 days. The results aren’t exactly scientific, but they are interesting, and they’re really entertaining. In the interest of not boring you with a big list of links, we’ve listed just a couple of our favorites within that theme. We sure do have some catch phrases, repeated experiences and obsessions around here!

Number of Times Erin’s Had a Medical Reason for Not Working Out: 3
Number of Times Erin’s Had a Stress-Related Reason for Not Working Out: 1

Number of Times the FBGs Write About Being Uncoordinated: 8

Number of Times the FBGs Write About Being Twins: 3

Number of Times the FBGs Preach “All Things in Moderation”: 9

Number of Times We Use a British Phrase or Talk About Accents: 10

(Pilates Bootcamp, FitFlops: Hit or Miss, Take a Hike, Takin’ My Pulse, Tracy Anderson Method Workout DVDs, Mel B: Totally Fit, The Biggest Loser Boot Camp and Yoga DVDs)

Number of Times We Talk About Our Dogs: 21
(That’s a lot of links; take our word for it, kay?)

Number of Times We Talk About Our Fit Bottomed Men: 39

(Again, take our word for it. And believe me that we were thrilled that this number was larger than the previous one. Our men might have gotten their feelings hurt if we jabbered more about our four-legged friends than our life partners.)

Number of Sexual Innuendos: 1
(You’d think we’d have more, but we’re more overt with our childish jokes: Hooked Up and Giving It Away.)

Number of Times Our Outfits (or Lack Thereof) Make the News: 4
(Just Keep Running and Changing, Baring It, Attire Aptitude, I’ve Been TRXed)
Number of Times Our Paleness Is Mentioned: 4

Number of Footwear Issues the FBGs Have: 7
Number of Times We (Mainly Jenn) Express Our Love of Bob Harper: 12

What’s most interesting, to me, is that most of these “numbers of” aren’t directly related to the subject of the post—they’re just little things that we throw in. Talk about creatures of habit! Thank goodness most of our repeated phrases are healthy ones. And, seriously, I need to stop talking about Bob! —Jenn

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  1. Karla says:

    No need to stop talking about Bob. I looove him too! Happy Anniversary girls 🙂

  2. tfh says:

    But did you offend Bob H. by mentioning your dogs more than him? 😉

  3. Crabby McSlacker says:

    Only ONE sexual instance of innuendo?!?! Get to work girls!

    (Even if I didn’t have a dirty mind, I’ve discovered it does wonders for google hits to find any excuse to mention Sex, Porn, Boobs, Asses… even the word Adult is good.)

    Happy Bday, love the week long celebration!

  4. Jenn says:

    Karla: Good! Cause I probably can’t stop. hehe.

    tfh: Maybe…hopefully he doesn’t see this. 🙂

    Crabby: Good piece of advice. LOL. Thanks for the mention on your blog, too!!!

  5. Jody - Fit at 51 says:

    This is why you are fun to read! All kinds of posts that make us laugh, smile & learn!