I Only Got Four Minutes…

I am by no means a fast runner. Sure, I can run a long ways, but I’m not winning any races. And despite my recent interval runs to increase my speed from 11-minute miles to 10- or 9-minute miles (speeding up this much, for me, has been an ironically slow and arduous process), slow and steady has been and will always be my method. I hear about those who run 8-minute miles like it’s cake and I’m totally awed by them. For the record, running that fast isn’t cake. It’s more like hard, dried fruitcake.

Then there’s the select few people who can run a 4-minute mile. The idea of running a 4-minute mile is just insane to me. It’s so hard that I have absolutely no idea what food to compare it to besides maybe eating dry ice. Recently Daria, a loyal FBG reader (love her name and the Cake song associated with it, btw), brought the below short of “The Miracle Mile” to our attention. The vid chronicles four people who try to break the 4-minute mile barrier. Unlike most of our FitWits, this one isn’t funny but rather awe inspiring. You can almost feel their pain as they’re pushing their bodies to the max.

Can’t see the video? Click here.
Definitely dry ice. Sure makes you want to pick up your pace, huh? —Jenn

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  1. Christine says:

    I'm currently working on bringing my "cruising" pace down from the 11s to 10s and even (dare I say it) 9s. I'm training for a marathon and I'm doing Galloway's method which in part involves running a mile as fast as you can. The first time I did 8:40, the next 8:27. I'm hopeful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jenn, interesting read. I have emailed you about my running challenges. I am a 10 minute miler. I can do 10:20 easily and under if I push myself. I am training for my first 1/2 and my goal isn't speed, just finishing. I love the challenge that running brings to the table. A challenge for SELF. No one else can push you, no one else can challenge you, it is just YOU and the challenge of running. Whether it be fast or slower, running is an outlet that allows a person to be the Superstar for their own team! Keep at it girl. Set whatever goal it is you want for yourself and work to obtain it. Superstar of your own team allows you the privilege of truly setting your own bar! 😉


  3. tfh says:

    It is so awe-inspiring– I still am blown away by elites who run entire marathons at 5 (or sub-5) minute miles.

    However, I also strongly feel that physically one body's 8-minute mile may be another's 6-minute, and another's 4-minute…know what I mean? I am impressed by anybody who pushes his/her own limits, even if the results aren't recordbreaking. You're right, that video definitely reminds me that I should push myself to the max– even if it's in twice the time of theirs. 🙂

  4. big_mummy says:

    this is awe inspiring! i hope one day i can run, just a little let alone run like these people!!

  5. Sagan says:

    4 minute mile is amazing. I recently heard about a friend of a friend who ran a marathon doing a 6 minute mile the whole way. I'm in so much awe.

    Right now I'm moseying along at an 11 minute mile pace (ish). I'm working on my endurance first, and then I'm going to work on speeding it up.

    tfh- I love your thoughts on how one person's 4 minute mile is another person's 8 minute mile!

  6. Jody - Fit at 51 says:

    I can't imagine even running a 4 minute mile but man do I respect those that do or even a 5, 6 or 7 minute mile!!! When I was younger, I did 5k's & was a much faster runner. Now, I have to be careful to keep the joints injury free.. or I try to. I do HIIT though & that certainly kicks my butt! I may be able to still do a fast mile if I only did that one mile & stopped. 🙂 Have not tried that!