★FitStars: Q&A and Giveaway with Celeb Trainer David Kirsch

KirschDo you remember back in 2005 when Heidi Klum shocked the workout and fashion world by rocking the Victoria’s Secret runway just two months after giving birth? (If not, here’s a refresher of the craziness.) Well, one person (besides Ms. Klum herself, obviously) is credited with her ability to bounce back so quickly. And that person is David Kirsch.

Kirsch has his own personal training facility in NYC, worked on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover,” has written various books(one of which we’re giving away below—whee!) and starred in numerous workout DVDs. Plus, he has more than just Heidi on his client list. He’s also helped Faith Hill, Ellen Barkin, Liv Tyler, Kerry Washington, Anne Hathaway and Linda Evangelista get red-carpet ready. His workouts are tough and his diets are strict, but his results certainly speak for themselves.

We were lucky enough to get David to do a quick Q&A with us recently about his fitness philosophy, latest book, DVD and the inside scoop on some of the A-list celebs he trains with. (We couldn’t resist asking if Heidi is really as sweet as she seems on TV!) Be sure to read through all of the answers, as he also makes quite the FBG joke.

Oh, and I love that his initials are DK. Reminds me of Donkey Kong, and who doesn’t love Donkey Kong?!

FBG: Over the years, you have worked with some majorly awesome celebs and gotten some pretty amazing results. Who is one of your fave clients (past or present) that you’ve worked with and why?

DK: I love all of my clients—celebs and non–celebs alike. Some of my particular favorites are Ellen Barkin, Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, Anne Hathaway and Kerry Washington. Training is my passion—it is not a job but truly my calling. I am especially excited to work with people that recognize that passion and return it in kind. This is true for all of my clients, but particularly true for the above mentioned celebrities. Perhaps it is that drive that makes them as successful as they are.

FBG: Who’s better to work with: the “normal” everyday folks or celebs? How come? And how do their training plans differ?

DK: Although the time constraints may be present for celebrities to get in shape for a particular role or event, the methodology, dedication and focus is the same for all.

FBG: What’s it like to push celebs to their physical limits (some would call it pain)?

DK: I do not subscribe to the philosophy “No pain, No gain!” I do, however, push each of my clients to their respective limits and slightly beyond. That is the only way to stay motivated, driven and goal-oriented.

FBG: I’m sure you get celebs and regular clients alike who are all about working out to hit a certain weight or look a certain way. How do you go about getting them to see beyond the number on the scale or red carpet dress?

DK: A major part of my training is focused on the importance of the mind–body connection. I stress this from the first workout, and as the training relationship develops, my clients are better able to connect to their inner-self. Looking great is initially the goal, but the renewed sense of energy, body confidence and positive attitude is the ultimate prize.

FBG: Okay, say it’s two weeks to red carpet time. How do you get a celeb in tip-top, camera-ready shape?

DK: The 2–week program is a combination of cardio-sculpting and a restricted nutrition regimen that sculpts, shapes and tones legs, butt, arms and abs. (Editor’s note: See more in David’s book The Ultimate New York Body Plan.)

FBG: Is Heidi Klum as sweet and awesome as she seems?

DK: Heidi Klum is as sweet and lovely as she seems. SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!!!

FBG: If you could train anyone, who would it be? (Feel free to say the FBGs here.)

DK: That would have to be the Fit Bottomed Girls! The Master of the Ass would love a crack (no pun intended) at the FBGs!

FBG: How do you get such great results? And how can those of us who can’t afford a trainer get them on our own?

DK: The key to obtaining great and lasting results is to start with a very specific plan. Set attainable goals—fitness and nutrition—and make it a daily ritual. A relatively less expensive way to get information is to buy a good workout DVD and/or workout book that you are able to follow and that can keep you motivated.

FBG: You originally went to school to be an attorney and practiced law. What changed your career path so drastically and how has it changed your life?

DK: The key to a successful life is to follow your heart’s passion. I was not happy and healthy as an attorney. I didn’t feel that it was my calling, but the discipline and training required in law school enabled me to build my own private training facility, write my books and give me a good mind–body balance. We are all meant to do or be something. Don’t be afraid to take risks and [tackle] seemingly insurmountable challenges on your path. If you stay the course, you will find what and who you are meant to be.

FBG: If you could give girls everywhere one piece of healthy living advice, what would it be?

DK: Love the body you’re in and if you don’t, strive to get the body you were born to have!

FBG: What’s next on the horizon for you?

DK: I am working on a series of new books and supplements in the near future. I also hope to travel the country and the world spreading my thoughts and beliefs on training, fitness and wellness.

Thank you so much for the fabulous interview, David! We’re thrilled that Heidi is as lovely as she seems on screen, and next time you’re in the area, we would be HONORED to train with “the Master of the Ass.” There’s little doubt that you could get our fit bottoms a little fitter. (Especially with this new tongue-in-cheek book out.)

Tomorrow the DK coverage continues with a review of The Ultimate New York Body Plan workout DVD. And believe me, it’s a doozie! —Jenn

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