How Do You Handle an Injury?

Credit: Neeta Lind

Credit: Neeta Lind

When you’re injured, life kinda stinks. You usually can’t do what you’re used to doing and usually, you’re in pain. Not a fun combo. I recently went through two weeks of not being able to walk or run, and, let me tell you, it sucked. However, in order to heal properly, I stayed off of it until I was completely healthy again. It was no easy task as the running trail kept calling my name no matter how much seated weight lifting I did, but I knew that my body needed a rest from the standing position. (And I didn’t want to be this crazy.) What about you?

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Feel free to elaborate in the comments below. We’d love to hear about how you coped with an injury (although being injured stinks, so hopefully most of you have been spared this)! —Jenn

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  1. Merry says:

    When I overdid the 100 push up challenge, amputation started to seem like an attractive solution. Or having lithe pool boys feed me peeled grapes and such, so I wouldn't have to use my arms ever again.
    Since neither of those options were feasible, I ended up complaining a lot instead.

  2. Jody - Fit at51 says:

    When I have an injury, I get to complaining as well… BUT if I can still do my weight lifting, I feel better. I hate cardio but I do it & is a necessity!

  3. justjuliebean says:

    I was on crutches twice, and the last time I started swimming. Except I was afraid I'd slip on the floor of an indoor pool, and there's only one outdoor pool in the city, and it's "solar heated" (very cold). But it was that, or no exercise. Oh, except for dragging myself up and down three flights of steps. If I'm really sore, I'll go for a walk, but for the most part, if I can't walk, I can't exercise.

  4. AnnQ says:

    OMG, I'm the worst when I'm injured if it affects me for more than one or two days.

    When I strained something moving a couch into another room, I was forced to take a week off, and I complained A LOT.

    When I've had mild ankle injuries from too much running, I'm okay with one day off (no complaining, either!). 🙂

  5. Anisha Cuttleriwala says:

    Push up requires a lot of strength & once I have faced a fracture while doing the same. That point of time I realised that whenever I have an injury I feel irritated a lot & keep on complaining over ever small problem.

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