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Pee Envy

Pull up a chair, ladies. We need to talk about something kinda personal. Something you have to do every day. Something you have to do annoyingly often if you’re as hydrated as you’re supposed to be. Yep, today we’re talking about p-e-e. Pee!

“Pee envy” to be precise. If you’ve ever been on a camping trip with a dude or really any place where a bathroom wasn’t readily accessible and you had to GO, you know what I’m talking about. Men clearly have an advantage when it comes to urinating. It’s really not fair.

Well one company heard my gender outcry. FBGers, say hello to GoGirl. It’s pink, it’s discreet, and it reverses years of gender-pee discrimination.

GoGirlWell, kinda. After the manufacturer sent a GoGirl for Erin and I to try (we each got our own, for the record), I was excited. After all, I was going to use this cute pink funnel to pee standing up. STANDING UP, I say! I decided to try it during my previously written about camping adventure (featuring the Honey Locust’s 3-inch thorn), as I’m really, really jealous that my husband gets to pee in the woods while I hover behind a bush, hoping no person or creature walks by.

In theory, the GoGirl is great, and I did get to pee standing up (an interestingly androgynous experience—I subconsciously even pushed my hips out like guys do!), but because of our, ahem, anatomy, it’s pretty impossible to position the funnel so that you don’t have to take your shorts off. So the whole nudity thing is still there. BUT, you don’t have to squat. And as long as you can control your flow (if you pee pretty ferociously the funnel will back up, which is pretty much the opposite of what you’re going for), you’re golden.

Because Erin had no camping trip to go on, she tried the GoGirl in the privacy of her own home. Her email report? “I just GoGirled all over myself.” I asked if she was not able to control the flow, to which she responded that a failure to “seal” it properly to her body gave her a dual-flow problem. Once the seal was taken care ofand once she was able to relaxshe gave the GoGirl her “seal” of approval, pun fully intended. So while it’s no perfect solution and you have to get the hang of it, it is kinda fun. Well, as much fun as peeing can be.

The funnel can even be reused if you wash it (obviously), or you can pitch it after use. The container it comes in is very discreet. And did I mention that it’s cute? While I don’t think I’ll be carrying around a lifetime supply of these, I can definitely see how it would be useful for outdoor sports activities, traveling or concerts. You know, the places with the grossest of gross portable potties.

And, again, there’s the novelty of PEEING STANDING UP. Gender-peeing equality at last! —Jenn

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  1. RickyRae says:

    Freakin' hilarious…not sure what my husband will have to say about this one?!!! Maybe I should just bust one of these out on our next camping trip to see his reaction…lol!

  2. Tanya says:

    Umm – interesting product 🙂

  3. Elissa says:

    This is far from the first of its kind. And kinda looks like a crappy example. I've used pee funnels before that can be used while a little more dressed. I brought a couple to burning man and so was able to pee in the porta-pottys while standing and without having to pull pants too far down. The one I use also helped 'catch' any drips that would otherwise have required tp or dropped into pants (eew).

    Forget the name but google pee funnels and you'll find lots of options.

  4. Sara says:

    "I just GoGirled all over myself."
    – LMAO!

    Thanks for the chuckle. Happy Friday!

  5. Ambs says:

    My best guy friend threatened to buy me this for Christmas last year.

    (I kinda wish he had!)

  6. Sarah Dillon says:

    Hey ladies! Sarah Dillon here, President of GoGirl. So glad you were able to try out the GoGirl! And also very pleased that Erin was able to form that tight seal after a second try- she found out the unpleasant way that it's very crucial!

    I just wanted to stop by and say that if anyone wants to try a GoGirl for themselves, there is one day left in our BlogHer promotion! In honor of our trip to BlogHer last weekend, use promo code 'BLOGHER09' at checkout on our website http://www.go-girl.com to recieve $2 off your order. But it expires tomorrow, so order quick!

    Oh, and Elissa, we link to all our competitors on our website because we're confident that we have a better product! Feel free to head there to find a link to the product of which you speak!

    Thanks ladies- let us know if you have any other questions! You can contact me at sarah@go-girl.com or on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Go_Girls



  7. Tish says:

    now i'm about to pee all over myself…that ish was flippin hilarious.

    sigh…ladies, ladies. heck men squat and piss when they're tired which proves deep down we're the cooler of the pee people.

    i'll stick with the squat position. thank YOU!

  8. Sagan says:

    bwhahaha that's hilarious. Useful for camping, I suppose!

  9. Scott says:

    I found this site from Kris Colvin on Twitter…I know I am a guy who has a computer tips related blog and a fitness blog…I love both of these areas. Fit geek here…haha. I saw the Pee Envy article and couldn’t resist. I knew this had to be great. Wow! I was not disappointed. Actually, that product would seem to be something very useful. You know…humans are amazing as to what our brains can think up.

    Have a great day all!

  10. Kerri says:

    I had something similar to this before, the funnel was shaped away from you. Same deal though, if you don’t control the flow, you are going to have issues. Also, will not fulfill my desire to someday write my name in the snow…. LOVED the review.

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