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I’m a Little Hippity-Dippity

bigstock-Young-woman-meditating-in-a-fo-150115jwAccording to one online Urban Dictionary, “hippity-dippity” is an old person’s euphemism for sex. Another one, and I’m not making this up, says, “A word that means ‘please’ but when anyone actually says this, most laugh at them.” Just so we’re not confused on what I’m talking about today, my definition of “hippity-dippity” is radically different than the internet’s. Mine is more hippity than dippity and describes a person who is open to all kinds of things—meditation, yoga, Yanni. You know, the New-Agey kinda folks. The Hippity Dippities!

As I’ve gotten older and practiced more yoga, I’ve become increasingly interested in more non-mainstream ideas. I’ve gone to a few meditation classes, heard a lama (not the animal, folks, although that would be cool, too) speak at a Buddhist center and gobbled up Eat, Pray, Love like Elizabeth Gilbert was my long lost sister. I also became somewhat obsessed with ridding myself of ego when Eckhart Tolle was on Oprah darn near every week. (A friend and I even affectionately nicknamed him the “Wise Little Gnome” whom we’d reference multiple times a day in conversations over AIM.) I’ve always been interested in what some people—including my grandma—would call hogwash. It’s the same thing that draws me to corny and mostly fake ghost hunting shows or books about psychics. Heck, I’ll even let my massage therapist “balance my energy.” It’s fun!Over the years, I’ve also become extremely fascinated by hippity-dippity’s relationship to fitness. I mean, if there’s a way to get fit AND become enlightened, sign me up! Although many yoga DVDs are not spiritual by any means, some of them very much are. I’ve been a long-time fan of Rodney Yee, who seems to walk a fine line of being spiritual without being too spiritual. Yes, he tells me to “lie in the ocean, lie in the sand” during deep relaxation, but he also says “buttock flesh” in such a way that I know he’s giggling inside, too. And don’t forget about my somewhat spiritual experience surviving 105-degree temps with Erin in hot yoga.
Recently, Kundalini Yoga Cardio, Stretch, & Strengthen with Ana Brett and Ravi Singh was thrown my way (via the mail). I’d heard great things about Ana and Ravi, and was excited to try it. You know, since I’m all open and stuff.
That’s when I got my hippity-dippity reality check. For me, the DVD was like an acid trip with a very pale and nimble instructor breathing loudly, bending all over the place and dancing awkwardly in combat boots.
I’m not joking. That really happens in the DVD. And I spent half the DVD staring at it like it was the circus.
Thankfully, their hatha yoga DVD, Yoga for Beginners & Beyond, was way more my speed (read: no combat boots), but the whole “trip” taught me an important lesson. When it comes to fitness—and just being—you are who you are. For most, working out—really digging deep and proving that you can do something—is a somewhat spiritual experience. Whether it’s intense yoga, running a marathon, completing a backpacking trip or even hitting the gym consistently for a week, fitness can be very personal and sometimes spiritual.
It’s great to try new things, really learn and challenge yourself, but at the end of the day, you’re only as hippity-dippity as you’re born to be. That’s why I’m going to stick to my usual power yoga and running workouts. I may not be as hippity-dippity as I once thought, but I’m okay with that.
How hippity-dippity are you? Again, refer to my definition please. —Jenn

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  1. Tish says:

    butt flesh makes me think of the movie "alive". that's not a good thing.

    combat boots don't belong in yoga…now that's hogwash (say this with a southern accent)

    i heart the little wise gnome and i love that you guys are posting more personal stuff…because you're the coolest people in the world and we, the people, obsess over what you love and do.

  2. whirrly says:

    i like to call this "hippie-voodoo-magic" myself, and as i get older, i've become much more into the HVM stuff than i ever thought i would. acupuncture, yoga, raw food, veganism, buddhism, books by eckhart tolle and richard moss… i'm open to a lot. for me, however, the spiritual stuff is hard to REALLY get into to. i wish it were easier – i think it would be good for me.

  3. Sara says:

    omg. we're like totally the same person, but different. i often refer to myself as "hippity dippity." and i TOTALLY heart elizabeth gilbert and eckhart tolle.

    i tried the kundalini dvds before, but never the one with combat boots. they're nutty, but i liked 'em. (i always hoped and prayed that no one would walk in while i was doing the breath of fire and gyrating my hips in the air while in bridge pose, or whatever).

    have you ever checked out jivamukti yoga? its based in nyc. TOTALLY hippity dippity, and SUPER vigorous workout. (they have dvds).

  4. Debbie says:

    I'm not that hippity-dippity and I'm OK with that! Been practicing yoga since the 70s and tried it mixed with some martial arts (Budokon, but there seems to be variations out there).

    I was raised by hard-core Christian parents and that's what influences me. The nice thing is, you can take parts of what works for you, like I pray instead of meditate with Budokon. Certainly something for everyone out there.

  5. Vicki says:

    I use 'hippy-dippy' to describe the hippity-dippity stuff. Ditto on having interest in stuff that might well be hogwash. Oh well. For a good video that might sound hippy-dippy but really isn't since ballet has been around for centuries, is Ballet Conditioning. I got my copy at Costco, and have wondered if the FB girls would be interested in reviewing it (or maybe they already have?)

  6. Jenn says:

    Hi Vicky: We haven't reviewed it yet, but we'll add it to our list. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. very good
    thanks alot

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