What’s Your Biggest Post-Workout Beauty Annoyance?

Yesterday, Jenn and I talked about a couple of the more superficial gym-related annoyances: runny makeup and stinky bags. I dream of a day when I can give a workout my all and walk out of the gym looking like nothing happened. Instead, I walk in fresh and walk out with my hair askew, looking like I ran 5 miles through the desert. So until that technology is invented, I’ll just complain about it. And poll those who can commiserate.

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Have other annoyances? Let us know in the comments! —Erin

Photo grabbed from Emerald_Bunny at Flickr.

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  1. Chrystalle says:

    Hands down my hair is my biggest workout gripe. In order to keep from scaring children and random passers-by on the street, I have to straighten my hair (going au naturale would, ironically, be a crime against nature). So planning workouts also means planning when exactly I will blowdry my hair, an hour-long process. If i want to workout before work, I have to finish exercising by 6:45am so that I have enough time to fix my hair. Working out at lunch is just not an option. So all you frizz free, straight haired ladies who can shower and go– think twice before you wish for fuller, curlier hair!

  2. Debbie says:

    The flushed look after exercise actually hides my few age spots! I learned not to hide them until the redness goes away. Nothing worse than dots of white on your face! Well it could be worse…

  3. Beach Bum says:

    Why are you wearing makeup at the gym? One of my biggest pet peeves is people who put on make up to workout — seriously?? And if you're going after work, a quick make up or just washing your face pre-workout would take care of that AND be better for your pores!

    There's no solution for my hair though, always drips after a workout.