Do You Race for a Cause?

Race Cause

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Earlier this week, I publicly announced my intentions to run a full marathon. While I’m still in awe of this audacious goal (never dreamed I’d be a marathoner!), I’m motivated and energized because this time I’m running for more than myself (although, for the record, running for yourself is pretty darn cool). I’m running for a cause! And a good one at that. What about you? No matter your race—5K, 10K, marathon, cycling, triathlon—are you finishing for more than you?

Feel free to elaborate in the comments, guys! —Jenn

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I do the 5k Race for the Cure every year in honor of my mom. 🙂

  2. hlg says:

    Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is in Washington County, NY on October 4th & I'm walking the 5K (please God let me make it!) in honor of my Mom's 5th anniversary as a survivor! 🙂
    Your fitness pal,

  3. Joanna says:

    My first marathon I trained and ran with the Team in Training/Luekemia folks in San Francisco's Nike Women's Marathon. It's what got me in to Marathons. I now run the London Marathon every year (run 2x am prepping for 2010) and run for a UK charity called SPARKS. They use sports events to raise money for ALL children's diseases.
    You'll be great on a marathon. When I started training for my first I could barely run 3 miles. Am about to head out today and run 12. I'm off to the south of france next weekend to run a 1/2 marathon there.

  4. Marilyn says:

    Most of the races that I do have some sort of cause attached to them. I'm not too picky about which cause it is, but I think it's cool when the cause is local.

    Another huge reason that I run races is because it's a commitment that I'll have to work toward 🙂 I just ran my first 10K race and I'm currently training for a half marathon in October. I had hoped that I'd be ready to run it all… Maybe in a few more months I'll be at that point!

    Best of luck with your goal!

  5. Dorie says:

    I always try to pick races that are for causes that I believe in, but, like Marilyn, I especially like local causes. It's nice to know that my race registration is making a difference for someone in my community. I do the Race for the Cure each year, and run for "bigger" causes, too.

    I'm so excited to follow your marathon journey! You are an inspiration to me as a beginning runner (I still struggle to finish 5Ks!)! You'll do GREAT!

  6. Lori-Pure2Raw says:

    I do the Race for the Cure in honor of my grandmother. As well as the Walk for Hope and American Heart Walk! Though I have done marathons with my sisters (it is bonding experience for us). You should do a marathon (you be great) – it is self rewarding when you cross that finish line!

  7. Chaobell says:

    I'm doing the Race for the Cure here in Houston in a couple of weeks. I'm signed up for the EP5K in January and you have the option to fundraise on that one too, but I'm thinking I might not–my family and friends are wonderful and generous but there are only so many times one can hit them up with "O HAI GIVE $$$ PLZ" e-mails in any given time period. :}

  8. Monica says:

    This year I will be walking in my 3rd Breast Cancer 3-Day walk (benefitting Susan G. Komen For the Cure). Earlier this year I did my 2nd MS150 bike ride (benefitting the Multiple Sclerosis Society). These are both fundraising events that I've had to put a lot of time, effort and energy into training for.

    I appreciate the theory that some organized runs, rides, tris, etc. benefit the athletic community as a whole, but I feel so much better to know that our community event is helping someone who may not be as fortunate as we are to be able to participate.

  9. Yum Yucky says:

    I don't run because I get knee twinges (ouch), but I'm starting to love the power walk. I guess I could power walk one of these thingys!!

  10. kjl says:

    I'm with Monica…I'm walking in my 4th Breast Cancer 3-Day this year–60 miles in honor of my mom!!