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Helping Half, Park Play, and Erroneous Exercise

A race for a cause, extreme workouts, and why exercise won’t make you thin.

Walk Hard
Intimidated by the thought of a full 26.2 miles? Want to help a good cause while you’re competing in a distance race? The inaugural Women’s Running Magazine Women’s Half Marathon and 5K might be for you! The race benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and will take place Nov. 22, so you’ve got plenty of time to train. The St. Petersburg event is a flat course with a generous time limit, so even if you’re not a runner, you can walk it instead. Plus, with the Team In Training program, certified coaches will provide months of training to help participants hit the finish line. If you’ve been needing a reason to make a trip to sunny Florida, this may be your ticket!

Lick leukemia.


Credit: JB London

Boredom Buster
Tired of your same old gym routine? How about going to a park and doing some flips off benches? Or maybe jump down a flight of stairs? (Note: The FBGs don’t really condone this.) “Parkour”—or what I’m calling “insanity”—is the craze of using the world as a playground and fitness center. Climbing walls, swinging from tree branches and even jumping between buildings are some of the activities that parkour includes. I’m sure it’s a total body workout, but I’ll leave this extreme sport to the experts. I like my noggin in one piece, thank you very much.

Too crazy for me.

Credit: maHidoodi

Not a Cure-All
Losing weight is a simple equation: Burn more calories than you consume. That’s why many of us on a quest to lose a few pounds hit the gym, hire personal trainers and burn lots of calories to lose that weight. But what’s going on when the weight isn’t going anywhere, despite all the hard work and thousands of calories burned? Unfortunately, you may be overcompensating after that hard work by eating more. This fascinating Time article discusses how people not only overcompensate by eating more after a workout, but also how exercise can actually make us expend less energy throughout the rest of the day. It even talks about how more moderate exercise throughout the day may be better for you than vigorous workouts. This one article really made me think; I read every word. But I still love my workouts!

The problem with exercise.


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  1. Arzu says:

    That last article hit the nail on the head. Simply put, you can't eat and not exercise, and you cannot exercise without eating properly. It's all about balance. I agree that diet is much more important than exercise, and I wasn't surprised when I saw how many people overcompensated by rewarding themselves. There's no use exercising if you're going to eat more later. People should concentrate on their diets first and get those in order before incorporating exercise (slowly! without killing themselves) in their daily routine.

    Great article – I liked this much better than that exercise one a few weeks back.

  2. Debbie says:

    Let me just say I am a safety freak–good thing for a nurse I guess. Please with the Parkour thing-wear some safety protection. I once took care of a guy who just fell off his bike while riding with his son, hit his head, and became paralyzed with a brain injury. We only have one brain people, use and protect it!

  3. Claudia says:

    Dear FBG: I loved the article on exercise! My boyfriend keeps teeling me that 80% of results depends on food and only 20% on excercise but didn´t believe him! and it says that on the article: " it's what you eat, not how hard you try to work it off, that matters more in losing weight."

    He has done that for the past months and is losing a lot of weight. He is getting his meals from a business called CHEF-RX and adding his daily trainning the results are great!
    I thought it was his Personal Trainer doing the job but now I understand that the food is really important and now I believe in CHEF-RX too. Actually, I´m so happy that my boyfriend was right that I´ll support his believes and tell people about Chef-Rx…because it changed his (and my) life and I think is a great advice for all the seekers of a healthy life.
    It´s a business in Chicago and they deliver daily customized meals to your house or office with the exact calories you need and the right portions for you to feel great!
    I think that if your readers in Chicagoland have that problem with rewarding themselves after a work out this will help them because the meals work so good that you have no cravings even after a work out!!
    Thanks for the article post and for your blog…I love it but it´s the first time I dare to write a comment.
    Oh! almost forgot: this is the Chef-Rx number if anyone wants it…I hope it´s OK to put it here 😉

  4. Dorie says:

    That definitely made me think…but I don't think I'm ready to skip my workouts just yet. I will, however, skip my post-workout treat.

  5. Sagan says:

    I so very much want to try parkour. It looks like fun!

  6. Steven Rice says:

    I just spotted another article Exercise Minimizes Weight Regain By Reducing Appetite And Burning Fat First, Carbs Later that shows how distorted the Time article is. Food and exercise are both important.

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