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Credit: dMap Travel Guide

Credit: dMap Travel Guide

I’m finishing up probably one of the most stressful months of my adult life. More stressful than making the decision to move to the East Coast was actually MOVING. Thankfully, we didn’t have to drive a moving van across the country—I think that would have put me over the stress edge—but we really packed a lot of craziness into four weeks.

After driving for three full days to the Midwest, we were able to spend time with family and friends (though never enough, unfortunately). In the midst of living out of suitcases, we were back and forth between families every few days, and because I had to work remotely at “day job,” I had to set up my work area what felt like 50 times. I’m pretty sure I could connect to a modem and set up my Vonage line blindfolded now.

In the midst of the chaos, my hubby and I fit in a 10-day vacation, a welcome and relaxing break from the hustle and bustle. No sooner did we return, though, than the pug got a scratch in her eye, necessitating an urgent vet visit and daily drops right as we were about to embark on our drive East. With all of that going on, my cushy little routine of training sessions flew right out the window during this hectic month. Sure, I fit in a “real” sweat session or two (literally, one or two), but surprisingly, I don’t feel like I made a terrible backslide from my progress. Despite the stress and severe constraints on our time, I made a conscious effort to be active. In some unconventional ways, sure. But that’s what being an FBG is all about!

Pug Sprints

A dog in a cage in a car for three days is practically cruel and unusual punishment. I would have felt worse for the pug except for the fact that a) the drive was also cruel and unusual punishment for the humans involved, and b) the pug is a nightmare when not restrained in the vehicle and a wreck would have ensued. So when we’d take a break for dinner or to get gas on our 3,000-mile journey, I’d find a good grassy patch and take the dog for a walk. Or sprint. Usually walks followed by sprints. Pug legs and human legs alike felt better after these breaks.

Playful Workouts

There is no better workout than playing with kids. My 4-year-old nephew and 2-year-old niece will wear any good aunt OUT. One of the games we play is simply racing across the yard, again and again. Although I usually lose (wink), they always gives me a serious run for my money (again and again). And pulling both of them and a neighbor kid in a wagon while sprinting? Talk about burning lungs and legs.

Water Sports

On our beach vacation, my husband and I were going non-stop. Even our relaxing beach days were sprinkled with swims in the ocean, treading water and snorkeling. And never underestimate the calorie burn of a water park: It may be a quick and wet way down the slides, but climbing three stories to the top each time while carrying a tube will work your buns off!

Now that we’re getting settled in on the East Coast, I’m getting back to my normal routine. The real workouts feel great, but the break was good for me. Sometimes it’s just fun to throw the lunges out the window and enjoy what life has to throw at you. Those lunges will always be there waiting for you again.

P.S. A big THANK YOU to Jenn, my kick-ass FBG partner who kept the site under control while my world was spinning. Thanks, pardner! Erin

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