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FitEquip: Runners’ Edition (with a Giveaway!)

Now that I’m training for a major event and therefore spending more time at the gym running, I’ve noticed a few things. First, I stink. Second, I’ll do anything to prevent injury. And third, chafing and blisters are an enemy that you have to proactively fight. The following three products have helped me in learning those lessons and solving their respective issues. And don’t worry—you don’t have to be a long-distance runner to benefit! These products can be useful for anyone no matter what form of exercise you love. Read on for three ways to fight stink, injury and blisters…

Febreze SPORT

With my marathon training, sometimes I’m running more than two hours at a time, and believe you me, no one wants to be near me after those training sessions—PeeU! Luckily for me, Febreze SPORT Extreme Odor Eliminator was created (and will be on the market this January for about 5 bucks). It’s designed primarily for athletes and claims to “instantly neutralize the toughest sports odors on shoes, sports gear and apparel.” Believe me; I have tough odors.

I’ve been spraying my shoes and sports bag with this stuff for a last few weeks, and it really does greatly reduce the stink. The spray comes in two scents: Cool Energy and Active Fresh. I tried the Active Fresh variety and found it to smell a bit sweet for my taste, but hey, it’s better than the smell of sweat. I can’t complain too much.

Moji Knee

Although running is great exercise, it’s not always so easy on the knees. After a long run, I’ve been known to roll out my muscles with a rolling pin (If you haven’t tried it, do. It’s a great way to massage yourself.) or even take an ice bath if my body is feeling particularly achy. While icing is great for preventing and rehabbing injuries, it’s never really comfortable or easy to do. When icing, you can’t really move around, you normally have to get wet and, well, it’s freezing, and not always in just the spot you need.

And that’s why Moji Knee was invented. This brace of sorts is a cold-compression system that uses a gel that stays soft and pliable when frozen and doesn’t sweat or leak, making it mess free. You just throw it in the freezer and then Velcro it up. Brilliant (and superior to my plastic baggie with ice, that’s for sure).


According to cycling superstar coach Chris Carmichael, anyone who says running isn’t a contact sport hasn’t had their inner thighs rubbed raw during a marathon or long-training run. I would have to agree with Chris. Blisters and chaffing are so not cool and can make a normal run ridiculously painful. However, putting another layer on your skin (think inner thighs, underarms, under your sports bra straps, under the waistband of your shorts, feet) can really help. While many use just plain ol’ Vaseline to do this, I really like Aquaphor and put a little on my feet before my long runs. It keeps blisters away, and it makes my feet super soft when I’m done. Bonus!

For you non-runners, Aquaphor is also just crazy good moisturizer for anywhere, really, and it’s non-irritating (a must for my sensitive skin). I use it on my lips (even makes a decent clear lip gloss) and my shins, which have a tendency to dry out big-time in the winter. Dry, chaffed skin begone!
Want to try Aquaphor “phor” yourself? Leave a comment below or email us at contact@fitbottomedgirls.com with why you need it by next Friday, and we’ll randomly select a reader to win a tube and tub of it (wow, that’s fun to say)! U.S. residents only, please!

Happy running! —Jenn

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