BED: America’s Most Common Eating Disorder

Credit: _rockinfree

Credit: _rockinfree

Ever heard of BED? (And no, I’m not talking about what you sleep on at night.) BED stands for Binge Eating Disorder, and it’s quietly become America’s No.1 eating disorder. In fact, 1 in 35 suffer from BED, and that’s just the reported cases.

I’ve already shared my personal struggle with emotional eating/overeating/binge eating, and it’s nice to see more discussion and awareness brought to this sometimes difficult-to-talk-about subject. We recently came across this Q&A with Sunny Sea Gold on NeverSayDiet.com about just this topic. Sunny suffered from BED in the past and is the health editor at Glamour.

Sunny also unveils plans to have more regular-sized girls in the magazine. Awesome.


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  1. Sagan says:

    It’s scary how many eating disorders are out there that aren’t being addressed- especially because so many people have MILD variations of the disorders, so they aren’t recognized as such. I’d argue that nearly everyone has some kind of disordered eating- or has had, in the past- or at least has a rocky relationship with food. Sighs.