Exercise Gives You Mad Love for Yourself

Fitness woman in gym resting on pilates ballLove thyself. It’s a covenant that we FBGs make every day with ourselves. Turns out that the very thing we promise to do goes hand in hand with the other thing we preach around here—a commitment to regular and fun workouts no matter what shape and size your fit bottom is working!

According to new research, working out—no matter how fit or unfit you are—makes you feel better about yourself. Even if your regular workouts haven’t changed the number on the scale or the size of your jeans, you still feel better about yourself when you work out. I know I always feel more fly when I’m regularly hitting the gym. Just one of the reasons we love it!

Exercise: It’s like giving yourself a bear hug.


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  1. One of the reasons workouts feel great is because you often have to push yourself to do it. And let’s be honest – it sucks sometimes! After, you feel like you overcame an obstacle to a healthier you. Pat on the back. 🙂