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♪ FitHits: Get Your “Sweat” On Edition

getyoursweatonplaylistWe love themed workout playlists up in here. Having a theme can be fun, and it’s a sure-fire way to shake up your tunes with a twist, sometimes even listening to a song or two that you totally forgot existed! (Like at least one of this playlist’s songs…)

All of the following songs involve sweat in some way, either in the lyrics, song title, album name or artist name. So jump on your favorite piece of cardio equipment (or hit the good ol’ outdoors), ‘cause you’re about to power through a relatively short (32 minutes) but intense workout. It’s time to get your sweat on, fit bottomed boys and girls!

Get Your Sweat On Playlist

  1. (4:20) Solid Gold, Eagles of Death Metal: My husband introduced me to this one, which is oddly poptastic and silly for a band called the Eagles of Death Metal. It’s the perfect high-energy warm-up song that tells you to work out. And, well, sweat!
  2. (4:03) Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), C+C Music Factory: Everyone over the age of 25 knows this song. Heck, I even remember the video. Too much spandex and rockin’ beats to forget. Pick up your pace to a moderate intensity for this throw-back track. Sing along if you need to.
  3. (3:05) I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Panic! At the Disco: So this one is bit of a stretch, but I really like it, and it’s from the album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, which totally counts, right? Gradually pick up your moderate pace during this song. By the end, you should be at a hard intensity to get that sweat flowing!
  4. (3:45) Sweat (A La La La La Long), Inner Circle: Time for a short break. Slow down to a moderate to low intensity while you listen to this song and think, “OMG, I forgot this song existed! It’s so amazing. Why do you never hear its cheesy beat any more?!”
  5. (3:09) Black Sweat, Prince: It’s not a sweat playlist without Prince, the master of all sweaty, dirty sounds. This song is particularly sweaty and sexy, but still has an energetic beat. Bring your pace back to moderate again or add some incline to your treadmill if you’re on one. You’re more than halfway through the workout now, so it’s time to give it what you got.
  6. (4:31) Sweat, Oingo Boingo: I’ll be honest. I’m not that familiar with Oingo Boingo, but damn is that name fun to say. And they have thisfun new wave song that’s pretty rocking. That’s enough for me really. Every time you hear the word “sweat” in this song, speed up your pace just a bit until you’re at a moderate-hard intensity. Then say Oingo Boingo five times fast, just because it’s fun.
  7. (4:58) Dirrty, Christina Aguileria featuring Redman: As Christina so eloquently puts it, sweat should now be “dripping all over [your] body” for this final cardio song. Go ahead and get dirrty with her by upping your intensity to hard. It’s just five minutes—you can do it! Just be sure to keep your clothes on. I know Christina brings out the assless chap in all of us.
  8. (4:12) Twisted, Keith Sweat: We couldn’t have a “sweat” playlist and not include Keith Sweat, right?! Slow your pace down to easy while you listen to the smooth voice of Mr. Keith Sweat. The king of romance, and, well, sweat.

So, there you have it. A playlist to get ya sweaty. Did I miss any good songs that make you sweat? Let us know in the comments! —Jenn

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