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PuddleJumperJenn and I have many, many products hit our inbox each day, but we keep our discerning eyes peeled for items that will make your fitness lives easier and more fashionable—and sometimes both! Here are two items that landed in our email recently that we think you’ll love—one is even FBG reader-approved!

Puddle Jumper

If I didn’t already have an awesome gym bag, this one would be on my to-buy list. While it looks like it’s the perfect size for the gym, it alsolooks like it would be great as a carry-on bag for travel. With a perfect storage compartment for shoes, the Puddle Jumper keeps your clean clothes from mingling with your grungy running shoes. Lots of little compartments and pockets are perfect for keys, IDs, cell phones and iPods. With tons of colors from chocolate to sunset, you’re guaranteed to find one that will go with your eyes, hair or post-workout flush.


SPIbeltThe name of this product, the SPIbelt, makes me think of Inspector Gadget. And it seems like a product the detective might have actually appreciated. The SPIbelt, which stands for Small Personal Item belt, keeps all belongings close at hand while you’re running, training or just don’t want a purse. While the purpose may be the same, reader Adrienne says it is “so much cooler than a fanny pack,” and we have to agree. It’s slim and hip and won’t break the bank at $21.95. Plus, it’ll fit a phone, iPod, money, keys and your license. Go go gadget belt!


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  1. renae says:

    I have the SPIBelt and love it! I’ve run two marathons with it filled with sport beans (5 packs!) and it doesn’t bounce at all. I tried using it for my cell phone on a training run once and didn’t like it though – I found that the phone was too heavy (I have an iPhone so maybe that’s the problem, too big) and the belt bounced like crazy. Great for beans or gels and your id though!

  2. Dee says:

    I love the looks of the puddle jumper, I just don’t think it will hold my boxing gloves, target mitts, hand wraps and my sneakers. It looks too small for it. But I love the belt, I may get one especially at that price. Often when Walking or Running, I have no idea where to put my keys, so I hide them somewhere in our breezeway and hope that no robbers have watched me.

  3. oooh i want that puddle jumper…

  4. Sagan says:

    I think my mum has the puddle jumper- something similar to it, anyway, and she RAVES about it.

    The SPIbelt is so cute and funny!

  5. Yum Yucky says:

    Ooo. The Puddle Jumper. I want it!

  6. Both of these bags are adorable! You should check out Lululemon’s Anytime Gym Bag… I have it and I absolutely love it!

  7. Brandi says:

    I have the puddle jumper and I looove it-and Dee-it holds my boxing shoes, wraps and headgear-as well as a change of clothes for when I’m done! It’s a tight fit but it still zips! I’m just sayin!!!

  8. Kerry says:

    I have the Puddle Jumper, and I’ve been using it for a couple years. Holds a ton of stuff, keeps it organized efficiently (no extra makeup bags) and fits upright in a gym locker. The straps are even long enough to rest my yoga mat over the top. The shoe pocket has a vented flap, and depending on what they are, enough space to hold two pairs. One of my favorite gym purchases.

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