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♪ FitHits: Shakira’s She Wolf

Credit: kindofadraag

Credit: kindofadraag

I love me some Shakira Shakira. The chica can shake her hips like no other pop diva around, and she makes super-catchy Latin-infused pop music. I’ve been a fan ever since Whenever, Wherever, which, believe it or not, I made up a little dance to (hey, I was young). After my dance-tastic fave, I fell for Hips Don’t Lie, Underneath Your Clothes and Don’t Bother. Makes me want to make a Shakira mix tape! I recently added her latest album, She Wolf, to my Shakira ensemble. Does it stack up for working out? Read on!

The Track List: Shakira, She Wolf

  1. She Wolf  — The title track on the album  is, of course, a goodie. Complete with catchy lyrics, howling and panting, this track’s beat will get you moving. While it won’t have you sprinting, it is a good warm-up song and is now one of my Shakira staples. It’ll have you busting out your she wolf (or he wolf) in the gym!
  2. Did It Again — Nothing like Brit’s Oops tune, this song has what I’ve dubbed an “urgent pace,” perfect for picking up the pace in your workout. Shakira manages to bring out the sexiness along with a Smooth Criminal vibe. Winner!
  3. Long Time — If you manage to keep your hips from bopping from side to side during this one, you have more self control than I do. The lyrics are a little repetitive, but it has an interesting sound and a good steady beat, perfect for a long run.
  4. Why Wait — Not my favorite track on the album, but Shakira again brings thudding beats that will have you beating the pavement or the treadmill.
  5. Good Stuff — How many songs start off with a gong? Not enough! Even with its slow pace, this one has enough interesting sounds to keep you tuned in for its entirety (or like me, wishing it was a bit longer than its 3 minutes). Perfect for a warm-up or a cool down.
  6. Men in This Town — Starting out as a lament on the lack of good men around, this song quickly morphs into a techno-dance tune slash ballad that the single ladies will appreciate. Then there’s the most awesome fresh-and-so-clean chorus (cue Outkast flashback here!) that you just have to hear to appreciate.
  7. Gypsy — A light pop tune, this one showcases Shakira’s vocals and has more heart and less dance than her other tunes. This one makes me want to skip in a field of flowers. Or listen to it while I cool down. Whatever.
  8. Spy — Featuring Wyclef Jean, this one didn’t stand out in the She Wolf crowd. It’s an interesting collaboration, but not one that I’ll put on my faves list any time soon.
  9. Mon amour — She had me at the claps. Seriously, I have a theory that any song with clapping is going to be awesome to work out to, and this one keeps that streak going. Plus, this one, called mon amour, wishes an ill vacation on an ex lover (or current lover? it’s hard to tell). It’s pretty much my favorite on the album.
  10. (11 & 12) Loba, Lo Hecho Está Hecho, Años Luz — She Wolf, Did It Again, and Why Wait in Spanish. Great for working on your Español!
  11. Give It Up — Featuring Lil Wayne, this final track is dirty, but catchy and fun. Fave line? Shakira “swings them hips like nunchucks.” Reason enough to buy the song right there, and so true!

Shakira, as always, brings the sexiness, beats and Latin rhythm to her album. A workout winner? I think so! —Erin

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