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FBG-Approved Stocking Stuffers (with Freebies!)

I love stockings. No, not Leggs. The Christmas kind. In fact, I probably enjoy opening up my stocking more than opening up presents. Stockings are just so cute, and the stuff inside is all small and cute, too. It’s a win-win really. Last week, we gave you the FBG Gift Guide, and today we’re going to give you a bunch of FBG-approved stocking ideas that will not only stuff your stockings but also make your fit friends and family members happy as a Christmas goose.

EnlightenUpEnlighten Up

We were offered the opportunity to review this documentary a few months ago and had to say yes. The film basically has a regular non-spiritual dude, Nick Rosen, dive into the yoga hippity-dippity world headfirst. Over the course of just a few months, Nick is immersed in the practice and travels around the world, examining the good, the bad and the ugly of yoga. He meets celebrity yogis (like this and this one), true believers, crazies and world-renowned gurus. The film follows Nick—who’s pretty darn cute yet  sometimes frustrating—as he attempts to find his spiritual side via yoga. I won’t ruin the ending for you, but it’s definitely interesting. And, like I said, Nick is kind of a hottie. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for your yoga buds—or skeptical friends!


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could burn more cals just walking around or doing errands? That’s exactly why two busy moms dreamed up and created a product (that they sent us to try) to do just that! Banglz are fancied up ankle and wrist weights that look more like a bracelet than a weight and are light enough to wear all day, yet heavy enough to up your burn. They’re not the most fashion-forward bracelets I’ve ever seen, but their usability still makes it a fantastic gift for your friends on the go!

she by vl3Violet Love

You know how I have a small, oddly shaped head? Well, the creator of Violet Love heard my call (or, you know, read my post) and sent us a few of her new SHE by VL performance line of headbands. I tried the black headband and while it didn’t stay perfectly (again, I’m not sure if ya’ll understand just how freakish of a head shape I apparently have), it did stay better than any other kinds I’ve tried, next to the Bondi. So if you have a small-headed friend or family member who needs help keeping her hair back during workouts, please stuff one of these babies in their stocking. They’ll thank ya!


I cannot stop saying “MeSheeky.” It’s my catchphrase now. How you feeling, Jenn? “MeSheeky!” Was that concert fun? “Yea, it was MeSheeky!” And then there are times that I throw on one of these cute little MeSheeky skirts for a yoga workout and chant “MeSheeky” repeatedly while I dance around the house. It’s a good warm-up. AND to further the “MeSheeky” word obsession, when you go to their website, it hits you with a full rotating list of fun MeSheeky-tastic words. There are tons of good ones, but my personal fave is “Sheeky Boom Boom.” Go ahead and say it again for good measure. Sheeky Boom Boom. Fun, right?! And the apparel is just as fun as it sounds. (I know because they sent me one to try.) These sustainable, yoga-inspired, lounge-wear pieces (basically skirts you put over leggings) take you from workout to street. The look is inspired by the layering of a dancer’s warm-up clothes, but they’re super flattering and fun to wear. Plus they’re eco-friendly! Perfect for the yogi, dancer or green lady in your life!


Does someone in your life have a Nano 5G? (I wish I did. Hint, hint, Santa!) Well, if they do, you might want to consider putting an iSkin in their stocking. The Duo Band Nano G5 Clear Hydro Carbon Poly with Armband is perfect for the active gal or lad in your life. It has an adjustable armband strap with breathable silicone, anti-slip support and antimicrobial protection that keeps bacteria and odor away. Silicone also covers the Nano itself, protecting it from the iPod dangers at the gym: scratches, moisture and bump-da-bumps. The click wheel even has its own protector that keeps it safe and dry. We haven’t tried this one ourselves, but I have a iSkin for my iPod classic, and I simply adore it!


You know those cute little wine charms that are popular these days? Well reader Evie Clercx had the idea to make a healthier version for water! These chic water-bottle accessories are designed, she says, to promote health, eco-conscious living and personal style for women. We’re behind that! These little guys are perfect for running groups, the gym, events or while traveling. And, again, they’re awfully cute. Hide these in your loved one’s stocking, and you’ll never have to worry about wondering whose water bottle is whose ever again! And as a special to FBG readers, aquaBling is offering 20 percent off all orders placed before January 31! All have you have to do is enter coupon code FIT when you order!

eatsmart scaleEatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

For those in your life who love numbers, organization and counting-counting-counting, give them the EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale. We haven’t tried this one, but EatSmart has a solid reputation for easy-to-use and accurate scales.  This scale is small enough to fit in a stocking (cute, right?!) and even includes a free Calorie Factors book that allows you to calculate calories in a portion for more than 1,000 whole foods. And it has the ability to easily subtract the weight of a plate or a bowl. The scale comes in silver, black chrome, white, white chrome or red, so it’ll fit with any kitchen decor!

FBGwhiteundiesFBG Undies

And last but not least, don’t forget about our small items in the FBG store! These hip-hugger undies are playful and the perfect stocking stuffer for the fit bottomed girl in your life. Last year, we had one reader buy one for all of her sisters! And remember, fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes, so spread the FBG love!


And because we also want to make sure that Santa treats you dear readers well this holiday, comment below and you’ll be entered to win Enlighten Up on DVD, a set of Banglz bracelets, a Violet Love headband or a MeSheeky skirt! Happy holidays from FBG!

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