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Airport Edibles

Credit: Kossy@FINEDAYS

Jenn and I love to travel, so when the savvy ladies over at See Jane Fly asked if we wanted to partner up with them, we jumped at the chance! We will be sharing some of our fitness-related travel items with SJF, and they will be sharing some of their health-related travel content with us.  If you’ve ever struggled to find healthy eats at the airport, this one is for you. Sometimes it seems like your only option is a gooey treat at Cinnabon or a greasy fast-food burger, but you do have options! Know what they are?

Food on the Fly

We’ve all been there. Tired, frazzled, done in by a long day of running around, we arrive at the airport famished and ready to tuck into anything. Or, almost anything. Some part of us still resists the trays of tired scones and pizza slices languishing under the heat lamps, but what else is there? Here are some tips for satisfying your hunger while you wait for your flight.

Try to stock up on a box of energy bars next time you’re at the store. Keep a couple in your bag and curb your cravings before they get out of hand. Studies have shown you’re much less likely to succumb to temptation if you keep your cravings in check. Power Bars get top prize for highest protein content, but also look out for grams of fiber, which will keep you feeling full longer. Flavor & Fiber bars (by Gnu Foods) have an impressive 12 grams per bar. Flavor-wise, Clif bars are always a solid choice. Continue reading…


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