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FitEquip: 7 Newbie Must Haves

fitequip585We are huge proponents of being able to get healthy anywhere and with anything you have laying around the house (heeellloo soup cans and milk jugs for resistance training!). With that being said, there are definitely some products out there that can make your healthy lifestyle a little easier. Today we’re featuring seven of those gadgets, gizmos and goodies that do just that! (And, yes, these are designed for newbies, but we think even you seasoned FBGers will enjoy!)


If you’re the forgetful type, why not invest in something that’ll help you remember to stay on track (and is pretty darn cute)? Say hello to HabitWise, a company that makes these cute little bracelets that help you count your calories, track your servings, log your cups of H2O or record your sweat sessions. You simply choose a goal and then move the bracelets from one wrist to the other to track your daily progress. Each habit development system includes a habit plan written by a team of smarties at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. We love how focused the systems are on encouraging positive behaviors. Not to mention how handy and cute they are!

Measure Up Bowl

Portion control is such a huge part of losing weight and keeping it off. In fact, portion control is what allows fit bottomed girls everywhere to always have a little bit of what they love (and stay sane). But portion control isn’t easy, nor is it always convenient. And that’s where the Measure Up Bowl comes in.  These microwave- and dishwasher-safe porcelain bowls have serving sizes (1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, and 3/4 cup) clearly marked within the bowl! Amazing, right?! So the next time you feel like you’ll die if you don’t have Rocky Road, you can pull out your trusty bowl, dish out an amount that won’t set you back, and ENJOY!

Body Shape Kit by Life Fitness

If you’re more confident working out at home rather than sweating it out with others at the club, then you’ll need a few pieces of gear to get you going. While you don’t need big pieces of pricey equipment, the FBGs swear by a yoga mat, stability ball, some weights, and a few good DVDs to give you a gym-worthy experience at home, especially this time of year when Old Man Winter is having a grand ol’ time outside. But instead of ordering all the pieces separately off of Amazon or standing in line at Target with hand weights (although you might count that as a workout…), why not invest in Life Fitness’ Body Shape Kit? What we like the best about this kit is that it not only includes high-quality equipment, but it also pairs it with an exercise DVD that features four goal-based workouts from professional personal trainers AND an exercise-and-nutrition guide for beginners. The kit isn’t cheap at $299+, but for the convenienceof working out at home, it’s priceless (and cheaper than most gyms)!

G2Fitness mat

When we heard that Paula Abdul was a fan of this, we had to check it out. (I’m a bit of a closet Paula fan…)  All G2Fitness Mats turn a simple comfy mat into a workout program! As you’ll see in the photo at right, illustrations of poses, stretches and exercise moves are right there on the mat so you always know what to do. And the mats are eco-friendly. Brilliant! We really wish we had thought of it! There are mats with moves for yoga, stretching and your core. Each retails for $49.95, which seems pricey for a mat, but remember that you’re getting so much more than a mat—you’re always learning what to do when on the mat!


We’ve already written about the perils of exercising outdoors and wondering what the hey to do with your must-have stuff, but we thought we’d give another product a mention for solving this troublesome problem. The Shoewallet attaches to the shoelaces of your sneakers and has enough room to carry cash, keys, credit cards, ID, hotel room, card keys, a Nike+iPod Sport Kit sensor or anything else you can fit in there. It’s the perfect addition to any outdoor workout or even when you’re going to the gym and don’t feel like toting your car keys and membership card around. And, just for FBG readers, Shoewallet is offering a special 25 percent off all purchases now through January 15 on www.shoewallet.com. Just use the coupon code “fitbottomedgirlsgift.”


The Record-O-Clip is a magnetic clip that holds up to 16 seconds of audio sounds or spoken word. At first I thought this one was a gimmick. A record-able clip? Really? But then I began to see the promise, especially when starting your fitness journey. You can turn that irresistible bag of chips into your own personal audio reminder of your goals whenever you open it! Or put the clip on your fridge and hear yourself reminding yourself to pack a healthy lunch! Or  go the gym! The opportunities are endless. The benefits are limitless if you use it (and follow your own good advice)!

Knock Knock Plan-a-Meal

I love lists, and planners and anything to do with office supplies. (You should see me at Staples. H-E-A-V-E-N!) So you can imagine my delight at Knock Knock’s Plan-a-Meal bundle. It includes an All Out Of pad, a What to Eat pad, and the Take Out Menu organizer. The bundle helps any/every foodie or master organizer plan, shop and cook the perfect low-cal meal (or resort to awesome healthy take-out if all else fails). It’s up to you to put healthy foods on the lists, but for all you list lovers out there, it’s a must-have for organizing your healthy life and foods!

For all of our seasoned fit bottomed girls out there, what’s the one product you couldn’t live a healthy life without? —Jenn

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