Can You Credit/Blame Your Mom for Your Body?

Credit: dimnikolov

It’s a funny part of (mostly female) human behavior (mostly female): Pear-shaped ladies wish they had better legs, and apple-shaped lassies wish they had the abs of a pear. Oh, how the grass is always greener on the other side. But if you ever thought that your genes were to blame for your body shape and there was no way that you wouldn’t end up looking like your dear mother later in life, think again. New research shows that personal choices and environment can still have a significant effect on your body. Sure, 80 percent of your size comes down to genetics, but that extra 20 percent is a lot for you to tweak to make you your best you.

Love the body you’re in (and your mom’s)!


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  1. Cathy says:

    So, I blame and give credit to my Mom. I have big legs and so do all the other women in my family. I just keep up with my lower body workout and move on! I give credit to my mother for great skin. I just turned 40 and most people don’t believe me. Thanks Mom for everything that makes up ME!

  2. Chris says:

    This is a great post. Your genes may “load the gun” but “lifestyle and nutrition pull the trigger.” It’s important for females to start off with more calories in the morning since their hormonal system has a stronger demand for them and all through the day, temper off…

  3. Hmm this makes me happy. I gotta work on that 20% 🙂

  4. I Love the way you thinking. As I can say that weight loss is not that much tough if you change your lifestyle. There have lots of ideas as to how to lose weight fast, easy and safe. Hand exercise and taking lots of fiber food in our meal can be a grate way to weight loose.

  5. I love eating , may be I got this from my mom , and still I didn’t faced any problem for overweight or my mom also didn’t faced any problem .Hope our future will be risk free tough .

    Do wishes for us.