Posh: Supporting the “Girls”

And by “girls” I mean boobies. After all, keeping them comfortable and situated during exercise can be tricky—yet important—business, especially for our well-endowed sisters. Check out our experiences with three sports bras that claim to support the girls and, therefore, your workout.

KAOS Komfort

For a long time, I wasn’t overly concerned with sports bras other than making sure they covered my bits and kept said bits from bouncing too much. (I’m a B cup so never too much of  a worry.) However, after logging lots of miles for a marathon, I’ve started to appreciate high-quality sports bras and notice differences between them and their low-quality competition. Unfortunately, like most things, quality comes with a price.

For the women’s RFI Sports Bra from KAOS Komfort, the $40 is pretty much worth it. KAOS Komfort sent us a bra to review, and I was pretty dang pleased with it. Chafing and irritation is non-existent and the girls STAY PUT (almost too put as the sides really dug in giving me a little spillage, but I have a wide chest, so maybe it’s just me). The shoulder straps were awesome, too, and very comfortable. The bra comes in black and white, and has a cute little cut-out in the back that I really liked. Not sure if it really kept me cool, but it felt like it did which is enough for me. If you really needs a bra that’ll perform for hard workouts or sports, this one is worth the price tag.


BodyRock Sport


We didn’t actually try this one, but it was too girlie to not feature. This colorful and bejeweled—yes, I said bejeweled—line of sports bras features unique fabrics (see zebra print at right) and distinctive embellishments with fun and useful details, such as built-in iPod pockets (that way the 80s music never stops while you work out your bedazzled self), zippered compartments (we love storage!), and tag-less labels for extra comfort (no weird rubbing, hooray!).

All of the decorations are made using Swarovski crystals or stud detailing, and the bras are a material mix of spandex and nylon. While this line of bras may not have as many sporty features as the bra above, they are definitely more fitting for the fitness fashionistas out there. And at $70 to $94, they’re for the high-end shopper.


Besides the obviously playful name, the Handful bra is one to be remembered, as it combines some of the KAOS Komfort pros with the BodyRock Sports benefits. In fact, this one is cute, doesn’t give you a uni-boob and—for you smaller chested fit bottomed girls out there—doesn’t make you look like like a board. Hooray! It’s one bra that really is multipurpose, and I can see myself wearing it around the house, to the grocery store and to the gym. I love the crisscross at the back, and it even comes with pads for extra “oomph” for after the gym (or while at the gym, I guess, but I’d be afraid they’d pop out, and it would be like the 6th grade all over again when I stuffed my bra with socks and lost one during kickball).

And it was created by a fitness instructor who knows what it’s like to want both a functional and attractive bra. Note for you larger ladies though: Handful is up front with the fact that the bra is best for the ladies with smaller girls.

When it comes to covering those lady lumps, what feature is most important to you? —Jenn

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  1. Jen A says:

    This conversation is also happening in the comments of yesterday’s post over at Five Full Plates (check it: http://fivefullplates.com/?p=603)! As I said there, I have what fave author Joshilyn Jackson has dubbed a Mighty Rack, and bouncing is a SERIOUS issue for me. Enell, all the way. Worth the $60 for anyone with too much boobage. I’ve also heard good things about Title 9 bras, and notice their Last Resort bra looks identical to the Enell bras, so they may be good as well. As for me, I’ll stick with what I know I love!

  2. BamBeanO says:

    I’ve tried UnderArmour, Hanes, and Champion. Under Armour was too thin but did provide support as I’m not all that endowed! (I’m a C cup) Yet, UA was too complicated to get into when using one that snaps like a regular bra in the back. Hanes was too thin and did not support my activities: running, cardio machines, running, weight lifting and did I mention running? Champion has been the best so far! Inexpensive compared to other brands but built to last. They’re my Champion bra! Oh, and on a side note, I may not be blessed in the chest but I have rather big, well, large size…um, nipples! After I had my son, I came across some unused breast pads. Quick thinking had me pad these inside my sports bra and taa daa! No more leery stared while in the gym!

  3. Dawn T says:

    Have tried them all and none compare to Moving Comfort’s Fiona bra…. the adjustable velcro straps are worth their weight in gold!

  4. BK says:

    I’m a combo cup.. B/C and I have a wide back. I like sport bras with underwires and major support.. best i’ve found have been Champion & Enell and they are worth the tag of $40-60. they last long and wears well without falling apart.. Other bras I found can’t handle the sweat.. even after washing they smell funny..

  5. Audrey Rozell says:

    I have been using the Handful for at least two years and it is by FAR my favorite. I’m small to average size and I love the ooomf and coverage it provides. It can easily be worn as just a top if you are into that look, comes in cute colors and the straps are extremely comfortable. Best of all, they last and last and last. A really good investment in my book!

  6. deb roby says:

    I’ve tried a number of sports bras. For a variety of reasons, I MUST have a bra that closes in front. First- after a horribly sweaty workout, I can’t pull the bra off over my head without torturing myself. Second- with 2 bad shoulders I can’t deal with reaching behind me for a back closure. Third? I recently tore my rotator cuff. Take strain off the shoulder but still working out? Priceless.

    Champion is the only manufacturer whose firm support bra fits the bill perfectly.

  7. Lena says:

    I’m in the same boat as the first poster. But even the Enell has been letting me down lately. Not so much in running as in my regular high-intensity cardio workouts, lots of jumping jacks, high burst stuff. I have a friend who works for Fleet Feet said her buyer only suggested the Moving Comfort (Maia style) as another alternative.

  8. Chaobell says:

    38DDD here. I was hoping to find one bra that might fit me among the ones you’ve mentioned, but it looks like I’m going to be sticking with Old Faithful for a while to come. The Enell Sport is the only sports bra I have ever tried that actually fits me and that I can run in. Ever.

    I’m also reluctant to buy anything from KAOS, partly because nothing else they carry would fit me except maybe their shorts, and partly because I’d rather not give money to a company that calls a size 10-12 “extra-extra large.”

  9. Andrea says:

    I’m with Dawn T! Moving Comfort’s Fiona. I’m a 38DD and only MC keeps Patty and Zelma put. The velcro adjustable straps were also a blessing while I was breastfeeding!

    I’ve had one (that’s right, just ONE) for over a year now, and if you take good care of it, it will be just like new!

  10. Jennifer says:

    I am a 38DD and I wear the Title 9 FROG (Free of Gravity) bra. However, it is a smooshy-uni-boob type. But the only type that I found to work for me when running on the treadmill. However, I am going to check out the Moving Comforts one because of the comments here.

  11. Sagan says:

    BEJEWELED sports bra?! That rocks my socks off.

    Being an A-cup, the handful looks just about perfect 🙂

  12. Marie says:

    I would definitely wear any of these BodyRock bras. I run outside all of the time (to train for marathons and triathlons) and the pockets are a brilliant idea. Typically, my key is my shoe; my gloss in stuffed between my girls; my money in my undies. Now, I can put everything in the pocket. Also, I am so sick of the generic sports bras out there. I LOVE the idea of looking and feeling more stylish when I am sweating my ass off! LOVE THESE!!!!

  13. Allison says:

    Ran across this review a couple weeks ago when looking to find new sports bras and am *thrilled* to report how much I love my new Handful bras!!! I have “smaller girls” (36A)and hate looking like I have NO girls with traditional sports bras. These are super cute, really comfortable, provide excellent support and the pads do NOT come out or move when working out or running. Added bonus is the pads are thick enough that when I’m standing in the corral on a chilly morning, waiting for the race to start, other runners DON’T know I’m cold! The ‘ol ‘temperature sensors’ also don’t make it into my pictures anymore – **priceless** I will be wearing these for more than just working out for sure!
    Thank you for the reviews!!!

  14. Ali says:

    32F here. I’m a little surprised you recommend a bra that wasn’t even given a trial run, no matter how pretty it is.

    I like the Enell, although if you want more definition the Shock Absorber and the Panache Sports Bra are both great for well-endowed ladies who enjoy high impact sports.

  15. Wendy says:

    I’m also on board with the Moving Comfort’s Fiona. I’m a 38DD and it gives great support without smooshing the girls down too much and is comfortable. I purchased my first MC two months ago and just purchased the Rebound Racer by MC too.