♪ FitHits: Off-the-Beaten-Path Edition

Credit: Cameron Cassan

Over the last year and a half, we’ve given you a lot of good workout tunes. But, we’ll be the first to admit that we err on the side of bubblegum-pop most of the time. (Please don’t hate us for our Britney!) But don’t pigeon-hole us FBGs. When it comes down to it, we love anything that gets us moving.

That’s why when the lovely Ms. Elizabeth from Ten Thousand Minutes (awesome concept for a blog, by the way) suggested a more indie/off-the-beaten-path soundtrack for any cardio activity, we jumped at the opportunity. Here are her 14 get-movin’ tracks. You may know or recognize the covers of a few, but we guarantee you’ll find a few new gems in this hour-long playlist. We know we did, and now it’s on our heavy workout rotation!

Off-the-Beaten-Path Playlist

  1. (4:10) Bette Davis Eyes, Sexton Blake: You probably know this track that was originally done by Kim Carnes, but believe us, Sexton Blake’s version is just as sexy and just as perfect for a warm-up.
  2. (5:26) Banquet (Dance Remix), Block Party: After the warm-up, you’ll be ready to get moving when you hear the first beats of this amped-up track. It’s half dance, half rock, and full-out awesome. Use the track’s 5-plus minutes to pick that pace up to a medium intensity.
  3. (3:29) Magic, Ladyhawke: So, I’m a little obsessed with this song. It’s just the perfect track to zone out to and get in the flow of your workout. (It is called “Magic” after all!) Maintain your medium intensity here, maybe slightly increasing your speed or incline.
  4. (5:03) Kids, MGMT: You may have heard this one on alternative radio already, and it rocks. From the sound of kids playing in the background to interesting lyrics, use this song’s five minutes to slowly up your intensity to hard by the end. The song picks up as it goes, so it’s natural.
  5. (3:08) Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Starf*cker: Don’t let this band’s dirty name fool you. This song is just as fun as Cyndi Lauper’s version, but with more of an indie edge to it. I promise it’ll make you hear the song in a whole new way. Return back to a medium intensity for this track, speeding back up to hard when you hear the chorus.
  6. (4:45) Play Your Part (Pt. 1), Girl Talk: So this one comes with a Parental Advisory Label for the first 10 seconds, but it’s so high energy and fun that we had to include it.  The song features a number of popular songs from all decades and genres. You’ll even here some Queen, and we’re in love with the “Walk It Out” part. Classic. Bring your pace up to medium-hard for this entire song.
  7. (4:49) Quality Control, Jurassic 5: This slower yet fun-kay jam gives you the perfect break in your workout. Slow your roll to a medium-easy pace, recover and enjoy.
  8. (3:17) Meddle, Little Boots: This is my favorite of the whole playlist! So pick that intensity back up to hard for 30 seconds, medium for 30 seconds and repeat three times. And don’t “meddle” with the plan. Just do it. You’ll love it. Promise.
  9. (2:27) Cheap and Cheerful, The Kills: This may start out sounding a bit like a high school cheer song, but it’s anything but soft and fuzzy. It’s pretty dang in-your-face and dark, and we love it for that. This time continue those medium to hard intervals, but instead of 30 secondseach, up it to 1 minute each. You should be able to get through at least two!
  10. (1:58) French Grass, HollAnd: Okay, now it’s recover time. Work that pace down to medium, then easy. This is a short song, but it’s a pretty one. Makes me want to go to Paris and drive around quickly in a Jetta.
  11. (4:19) Crimewave, Crystal Castles vs. Health: Welcome to techno. My goodness this song is fun. Slowly pick your pace back up to medium-hard with this one, as you imagine yourself on a dance floor with only a disco ball shining on you. Just try not to do the Robot. I dare you.
  12. (3:01) You’ll Find a Way, Santogold: Santogold is one of those artists that I just discovered and keep falling in love with every time I hear her. She is totally funky, poppy and fun. Very high energy. For this song’s full three minutes, pick up that pace to a full sprint. Believe me, the beat will make you want to speed up.
  13. (3:25) Play Your Part (Pt. 2), Girl Talk: In this Part 2 of track No. 6, you’ll want to take a short 30-second break to recover. Then push it as hard as you can for the next three minutes. This is your final song before the cool down, so let the medley of tracks (there’s even JOURNEY on here) get you through! (And, seriously, Girl Talk is so fun, just go ahead and download the entire album!)
  14. (4:36) Let Us Be Loving, Alice Russell: Cool down time! Slow your pace and intensity to easy and just enjoy Alice Russell’s amazing and smoooth voice. And say “goodbye” to those calories you just burned! Then go be loving to yourself.

A BIG thanks to Lizzy for the help on this one. Loved it! —Jenn

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  1. Sue says:

    As an ‘older’ (read non techie) FBG I have an embarrassing question to ask. If I got to I-tunes is this list available there for download or upload or whatever it’s called? Or, do I have to track down each song and buy them individually? See… I told you it was a stupid question!!
    I’m bored with my music and need something new.

  2. Erin says:

    Sue: We used offer a whole playlist, but iTunes took that feature away. Unfortunately you’ll have to download them individually. Sorry about that! (And no question is stupid!! 🙂