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FitLit: Get Happy Edition

Regular workouts are essential to the FBGs keeping their upbeat, light-hearted tone and easy-going attitude. But all of us have struggled with feelings of insecurity, a lack of confidence and even sadness from time to time. We’re human after all! Although it’s unrealistic to try to be happy all the time (sometimes you just need a good cry, dammit!), we recently were sent these two get-happy books. Read on for our two emotional cents.

Add More ~ing to Your Life

This “Hip Guide to Happiness” instantly got our attention because, at first, I thought Whitney Port was on the cover, and The City is a serious guilty pleasure for me. Then I realized that it wasn’t my dear little Whitney; it was the author, Gabrielle Bernstein. And she was happily standing on a skateboard, in a little dress, looking totally peaceful on a busy NYC street. I immediately wanted to know what this “~ing” business was about.

A mix of urban and hippity-dippity, this modern, young and chic self-help book is both fascinating and inspiring. From her own personal experience, Bernstein created the “~ing Equation,” a 30-day repetition of physical activity, positive affirmations and creative visualization that turn negative thought patterns into constructive change. From releasing romantic illusions to stretching beyond your ego (I told you it was hippity-dippity!), getting your ~ing on can help you in a number of ways. For example, I started using it to find more balance in my life, quiet mind chatter and stop the insane desire to be perfect. And it’s working. This book gets one huge stamp of FBG approval!

The Serotonin Power Diet

Now here’s a book carb lovers will be able to get behind: The Serotonin Power Diet. This “diet” is all about harnessing the power of carbs to activate the production of serotonin, the appetite-suppressing, feel-good chemical. And we’re not just talking fruit and veggie carbs, either. The list of recommended snack carbs includes tempting but not too tempting items such as whole wheat English muffins, fat-free Fig Newtons, fat-free hot chocolate and granola bars. Two doctors—one PhD, one MD—put together their brain power and years of research to come up with this plan, which emphasizes that carbs are actually essential to weight-loss.

Making the food-mood connection, the doctors discuss how incorporating carbs can combat weight gain. They specifically tackle weight gain caused by the use of antidepressants, but it’s clear that this “diet” can be used by anyone who has struggled with emotional eating. My favorite quote? “Neither of us has ever encountered a client who claimed that hunger caused her or him to gain weight. And no one has ever told us that he or she stopped a diet because of unbearable hunger.” The real problem? When you keep eating after you’re full.

The Serotonin Power Diet includes a list of foods to keep handy in your kitchen, helpful FAQs at the end of chapters, and numerous strategies to combat emotional eating, including real-life scenarios and how to cope. Tons of recipes and snack ideas that fit the diet are also included, along with a strong push for exercise. If you’ve ever struggled with weight gain that you think is directly linked to your mood and emotional eating, this one’s worth a read!

In the wise words of The Partridge Family, c’mon get happy! —Jenn & Erin

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