How Do You Take Your Workouts?

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For the longest time, I felt that if I didn’t dedicate a good 45 minutes to an hour to my workout, it just wasn’t worth my time. But deep down I know that all exercise is good exercise. And the benefits add up even if that exercise isn’t done in consecutive minutes. So I’ve started embracing this knowledge a little more freely lately, fitting in a good brisk dog walk here and a good 10-minute strength session there. The method is great for busy days when you just can’t carve out that hour for a workout. 

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How about you? Do you have an all-or-nothing approach, or do you take what you can fit in? —Erin

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  1. Deb says:

    I think the “all or nothing” approach is an easy excuse that people can use to skip exercising. Anything is better than nothing. My goal is a “formal” workout every day, but if I miss it, I like knowing that I can still add fitness in bits and pieces throughout the day.

  2. kassia says:

    ITA with deb. the all or nothing is just an excuse. my days are busy yet i managed 2 30-40 minute workouts a day. if its more of a busy day shorter workouts will do. i don’t see my option on the poll however. the anyway i can take it for that day option.

  3. True, small bursts throughout the day do add up! I think one of the biggest benefits of squeezing in a workout when you can only spare 15 or 20 mins is that you’re still reinforcing your exercise habit. So on the days in future when you do have an hour to spare, you’re much more likely to make use of it!

  4. Dawn says:

    I use to give it that all or nothing attitude. I try to fit in what I can throughout my day. Now I have a treadmill at the house so I do short bouts between my regular workout.

  5. Leanne says:

    I agree about fitting in little bursts whenever you can during the day–I definitely go for that, or on days when I don’t have a lot of time, I do something shorter and more intense. That said, I try as much as possible to do an intense hour or more if I can. The exception being lazy Sundays like this one 🙂

  6. Skeptigirl says:

    I know it is a bit late to be taking the pole and commenting, a year later, but I think it does not really have an option to reflect what I think. I usually try to work out atleast an half an hour but that does not mean I do not think short work outs are not worth it. I find a five minute work out quite worth it if I have extra energy and the five minutes to spare. I like to have plenty of bursts of activity through out my days to be generally healthy but it is the 30minutes or more work outs that really get me to my goals.