Because the World Has Enough Diet Books…(with Giveaways!)

Reading is such an integral part of my life. I love cracking open a new book and discovering a new tip, a different way at looking at something or a unique take on, well, life. Today’s three books do just that. Yes, they all have a slant on healthy living, but overall they’re more about life than fitness or weight-loss, which I love because gosh knows, the world has enough diet books. Read on for three recommendations that we think you should add it your Amazon cart or hit your library up for—stat!

run like a mother bookRun Like a Mother: How to Get Moving—and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity

The title pretty much says it all. When you’re a mother, a runner and working (or at home working as a full-time mom!), it can get a tad tricky to squeeze it all in. Okay, darn near impossible to squeeze it all in. (That’s why we’re creating a whole new website to tackle how to do so!) In Run Like a Mother, authors Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea give real (and sometimes hilarious) advice—from experience. These two gals are hard-core runners (I met Dimity at this event and was wowed by her quads), but don’t let that scare you non-marathoners off. The book gives both inspirational advice and practical strategies to help multitasking women make running part of their busy lives.

What I liked most about the book is that it wasn’t just about working out. The authors shared their struggles with post-pregnancy weight-loss, sleep deprivation and depression, while also celebrating family and running for all that it has to offer, including enriching your life and your relationships. Like I said, the book is definitely heavily centered on running though and not overall fitness. Whether you win your age division at races or just hope to finish (or, heck, run down the block), this book can get you there in a balanced way.


Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life

A press release on this book sparked probably one of the best and most hilarious lines the FBGs have ever gotten in our inbox: “Unfortunately, Thich Nhat Hanh isn’t available to be interviewed (since he’s a monk).”

Commence unconstrained laughter. Okay, so maybe you had to be there, but it was funny. And true, as I’m sure monks don’t really care too much about press. Anyhow, in Savor, author/monk Thich Nhat Hanh and Harvard nutritionist Dr. Lilian Cheung come together for a unique book that combines Buddhist ideas and teachings with medical science. Yeah, it’s definitely a unique concept, and one that I dug, as I’m super into being present, more mindful and more intuitive with what I eat and how active I am each day.

The book offers practical tools, including personalized goal setting, a detailed nutrition guide and a mindful living plan. And what I like most about the book is that the “diet” is much, much more than that. The book teaches and reminds you to be truly mindful and taste your food, getting in better touch with why we do what we do (or eat more than we want to). There’s even an entire chapter and exercise dedicated to eating an apple and really appreciating it—its texture, taste and mouth feel. Yes, it’s hippity-dippity, but it’s also an important part of losing weight and staying healthy naturally and without so much darn effort and stress. After all, life is too short for that mess. Enjoy life and all it has to offer!

The Pocket Calorie Counter The Pocket Calorie Counter

Okay, so this book isn’t really literature and it’s not exactly earth-shattering in the traditional gotta-read-it-way, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t rock nonetheless. This little puppy may just turn your life upside down. Cause after you finish reading how to run like a mother and eat like a monk, you can throw this little guide in your purse and never make an “OMG, that sandwich sounded so much healthier on the menu than it now looks, sitting in front of me” mistake again.

And not only is the guide small enough to throw in your purse, it also looks more like a planner than a calorie counter, so you don’t have to scream “I’m watching what I eat!” to all in your party. Plus, it’s super organized and cutely designed, and as someone who’s a tad obsessed with organization, it made me smile, big time.

I heart books! What books have changed your mindset? Tell us in the comments below, and you’ll be eligible to win one of these great books. U.S. residents only, please, and winners will be contacted via email in a week. Happy reading—and commenting! —Jenn

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  1. One book that changed my mindset? I can’t pinpoint just one. I read so many books that I take a little here and a little there. I use what works for me.

  2. The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno because even though diet is in the title, it really is a lifestyle. I continually think about how I can apply eating clean principles to my life.

  3. The first book looks great!! I need to learn how to manage my run and my family!! the other books look great and interesting!!

  4. The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl by Shauna Reid is great, it really helped me wrap my head around weight loss and making lifestyle changes

  5. I have an addiction to nutrition and fitness books because they usually offer a nugget of inspiration. It’s nice to read a new approach to working out or nutrition in the life-long quest for wellness in mind, body and spirit!

  6. Intuitive Eating and In Defense of Food…both have changed the way I choose food and have a healthier aspect in life.

  7. “the beck diet solution” by julie beck- an integration of cognitive behavioral therapy with eating habits!

  8. I have to say – Eat This Not That – it allowed me to feel less guilty when splurging on guilt-food. I know I’m not getting the worst thing on the menu by a longshot – and I learned the horrible truth about fast food salads!

  9. Superfoods by Steven Pratt – got me really thinking about getting the best nutritional bang for the bite (and buck)

    In Defense of Food – helped to shape my opinions on not only what to eat but where to buy it. I come bak to it again and again.

  10. I have many books I could list that have helped me on my journey to better health. My most current one is the New Rules of Lifting for women.

    I really would like to get a chance to read Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life that you have listed. Looks like a good one.

  11. Gentle Eating, it really made me more aware and in touch with what and how I am eating and gradual steps to change that. Love this one. I can’t wait to get my hands on Run Like a Mother now too!

  12. the omnivore’s dilemma – michael pollan
    it took me on a journey through the culture of food and diet in america. the kind of book that makes it impossible to forget the reasons why you should think twice before putting any item of food in your body, and make educated decisions about what you eat. it’s a long, but rewarding read!

  13. The Town That Food Saved: How One Community Found Vitality in Local Food. Learned that kicking it old school and eating food that we can grow can help is so many ways.

  14. Run Like A Mother seems like a really great book to me. So does the Savor book. Thanks for the tips!

  15. Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit by Daniel Quinn is amazing!

    It will change your perspecitve on every day life in general. It’s a quick and easy read that will keep you thinking about the books message long after reading the last page. Typically I wouldn’t read this kind of book based on the rationale but I did and am glad I did. I suggest you read it and anyone else who is looking for an INSPIRING read! 🙂

    BTW, thank you for sharing the calorie counting book..I’m going to get it for sure. I’m a calorie counter and ocd when it comes to organization. Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

    That book completely changed my thoughts on eating local and organic! Now I try to be more careful to eat things from closer to home. :o)

  17. The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg has taught me to less of a recipe “slave”. With it, I now tend to by more local, seasonal foods knowing have a resource to guide me on what goes well with what. I really dislike any kind of books with “diet” in the title – always sounds limiting to me! I’m so getting the Run Like a Mother book – raising a toddler, owning my own business, cooking and finding time for running? I want it all 🙂

  18. I haven’t read an adult book in a long time but in the past I have read several that have changed me.

  19. “The Obesity Myth,” by Paul Campos. It helps to put the focus on health over the number on a scale (yet counterintuitively, my weight loss efforts have improved after reading it!).

  20. Good Calories, Bad Calories…finally a book that gave the scientific history for how and why we have the food guidelines we do…and why the science behind them isn’t as solid as we’re led to believe…

  21. All of Michael Pollan’s books. I’ve been working through them, and they have definitely brought some of America’s food comes to the table and, well, what that food actually is.

  22. The Run Like a Mother book sounds right up my alley! I can’t pinpoint one book that has changed my mindset. I love to read and it seems like everything I read impacts me in some way….

  23. i would looove to read the savor book!!!
    as for inspirational books, i really like michael pollan’s philosohpy. i feel like it is an attainable lifestyle!

  24. There are so many, but some of my favorites are:

    The End of Overeating
    Like many others have mentioned, In Defense of Food
    The Primal Blueprint
    Mindless Eating
    Ominvores Dilemma
    Eat Stop Eat

  25. Eat, Drink, & Be Merry: America’s Doctor Tells You Why the Health Experts Are Wrong by Dean Edell and David Schrieberg is one of my all time favorites.

  26. This is not a diet book, but it is a book that is relevant to my life as an almost 50 year old female….the book is “Marrying George Clooney” by Amy Ferris…menopause hit me between the eyes…everywhere I looked, I recevied conflicting information…Amy’s book just tells it like it is…honest, loving, refreshing…most of all, she like myself ~ wants to marry George Clooney…so I laughed, I cried…I love this book…it’s on Kindle too, which makes it even nicer to read…if you are going through the crazyness of will enjoy this book…

  27. Jillian Michaels’ ‘Master Your Metabolism’ was truly life-changing for me…it really educated me on aspects of weight loss and health (i.e. hormones and environmental factors) that many people don’t focus on. Simply a life-changing book!