A Vaccine to Stop Smoking?

Credit: R'eyes

We’ve all heard (or know first-hand) how hard it is to stop smoking, but what if there was a vaccine that made it easier to quit? A vaccine that actually stimulated your immune system to generate antibodies that would latch on to nicotine in your smoker’s body and prevent it from ever entering the brain, thereby cutting the cord between you and addiction. Crazy, right?

The vaccine is just in clinical trails now and is by no means a cure-all: Only 16 percent of those who tested the vaccine were able to stop smoking and not start again, compared with 6 percent in the placebo group. Researchers do believe though that the vaccine’s concept could help people overcome other drug addictions. I say that anything that makes quitting easier is good, but I know many are fearful of vaccine’s side effects these days. Would you try a vaccine to quit smoking?

Going up in smoke.


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  1. Stephocracy says:

    I dont want to stir up controversy here, but research regarding some the ‘dangers’ of vaccines has recently been disproven. The doctor who did the original questionable research as to the link of vaccines to autism has been banned from practicing medicine in Britain because he was deemed to be dishonest, misleading and irresponsible (Britain’s medical council’s words, not mine).


    Didn’t mean to sidetrack the post – I just think that so many people aren’t aware of recent developments in the vaccine debate.

  2. Valerie says:

    I don’t know about the vaccine, but I can tell you that Chantix did the trick for me! I’ve been smoke free since September and it kinda does the same thing. I seriously “forgot” that I was a smoker. All I had to do was break the physical habit of lighting up. They physiological side was sated rather quickly with that medication.

    Quitting ain’t easy…so I say anything that may help is excellent. But I will say if I can do it, anyone can! I went from smoking a pack a day to nothing in a month at the same time as losing weight. I’m down 120 pounds since June and as I said, smoke free since September 1st. 🙂

  3. kassia says:

    i believe in addition to an aid you need to replace on habit with another. when i wanted to start heavy lifting and biking,running it was hard to do when i was smoking. when i put a lot of energy into workouts it made easier to not pick up a cigarette. i eventually just stopped all together.